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  1. I'm in. 202 grams. Thanks Rob for the fun. Jerry
  2. Back in the game...

    Bob, thanks so much for posting these. Great photos for both of them. I look forward to this spring. We will miss having both of them there. And do wish the best for Reno Jim's recovery. That rumor about Tom... I bought a coil from a very nice gentleman here local. I mentioned some names from the past. He was certain he'd heard that Tom had passed. I'm so glad he was wrong! Jerry
  3. Back in the game...

    I have forgotten many names, unless I had hunted with them on many trips. Many faces are familiar. Frenchy- I think it was a Blazer, light blue/white. And he lived in the back of that thing. Stuffed full. Majuba Tom introduced me to Rye Patch in the Spring of 2000. We had met at Gohler Gulch (Mojave desert) on a rained out President's Day weekend trip, same year. I was hunting with a Whites GM3 then. So was Tom. Later that year, picked up the 2100. But just before that, through an odd sort of circumstances, I met Digger Bob and Trinity Jim. And was invited to join their happy bunch of guys. So many great times, lots of laughs. And of course, gold. On one trip (2004ish), everyone was headed for home but me and Frenchy. He insisted we team up so neither of us was out there alone. We were not at Rye Patch, but WAY out in the sticks. And we both found gold before parting to go home. A great guy. I have missed out on a lot while I've been gone. And not talking about gold. Jerry
  4. Back in the game...

    Oh my. <<chuckles>> Sarah the wonder pup. Maybe a year old in this picture. She's by my chair right now. She'll be 14 in May. I'll call this place "Area 51". Don't know why I looked away from the camera, I think someone said something funny. I'm going to miss seeing Frenchy. Sad to hear of his passing. I hope everyone else is doing good. Great memories. I simply must get back out to Nevada this year! You are stoking the fire Bob! Jerry
  5. Back in the game...

    ROFLMAO!!! Digger! Thanks for the memories! Chest mounted GP 3000, big UFO loop, and I'd just dug a little one. Rye Patch. Sadly, my belly has grown. Also, thanks Rob and Tom for the good wishes. It's been 10 years since that pic was taken. And I remember it too. What a rush to see this old picture. Bob, you have made my weekend! Jerry
  6. Greetings from the soggy Southern Motherlode of California! Not a new member, but been away (or lurking) for a long, LONG time. Now almost ready to hit the hills running once we dry out some. Picked up a used GPX 5000, and have been ordering some ramdom stuff from Rob lately. Including tonight, hopefully everything I'll need. Not new to Minelab PIs though, but the 5000 is quite an upgrade from my old 3500. Started many years ago with a 2100. Boy, those were the days! Looking forward to posting up some finds, as they come. Good gold and best wishes to all. Jerry
  7. Rye Patch - Anyone Going?

    Hi Jim, Good job on the two nuggets last time. I think you should double that this weekend. Man, I've missed you guys! Now that made me smile. Yeah Digger, I picked up something (GP series). Went out swingin at a local place. It sure felt good after so long, except for my LOVE/HATE relationship with the Minelab battery harness. I'm already working on something else. I sure miss my morning coffee rounds in camp at daybreak. You remember Sharpie's camp coffee, don't you Digger? You can expect me this fall. I think I've hijacked this thread bad enought now. You guys all go get some this weekend. I'll think about doing an intro thread. I see I've got 40+ posts, but the search engine won't go back that far. I have no idea what I last talked about, or who would have listened. Happy Trails all. Jerry
  8. Rye Patch - Anyone Going?

    Hey Jim, Dude. It's been a while. Look for me to join you this fall. To all going this weekend, hope you all do well. I've been gone from the gold fields long about 5 years now. It will be great to get back out to Nevada. Until this fall, I'll be doing some local hunting. Jerry
  9. cleaning gold

    Greetings to all, Just found this today and it looked to be the best price for this model, so I ordered one. They are back-ordered, but I put my money down anyway so I could get the sale price. GemOro 2 qt. model with heat... http://www.renterprises.net/catalog/i2.html Jerry