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  1. Quartz / Gold specimen

    no gold is ugly, but some gold is not attractive. As a buyer, I would offer 75- 80% of spot or about $380-400 for that piece. Then most likely dolly it for smelting. Still, its a great find.
  2. sadie coil ?

  3. Sawtooth trip...

    Anyone that can, please bring a bit of firewood so we can have a campfire this trip. I will bring a few chunks
  4. Common dig guidelines

    why can't your board of directors figure it out? Its not complicated
  5. "Tex" Houston

    Paul.... good on ya for helping Tex..... very Honorable Two and one half tours in Vietnam was easier than the treatment I recieved when coming home!
  6. Top Shelf Nugget for sure... congrats. I found my whopper nugget in cow pasture too.......
  7. Chinese diggins artifacts

    Very cool finds for sure. Only old Chinese stuff I have found are old rusty opium tins.......
  8. Collectable trash

    Nice going Doug....
  9. Gotta love the Motherlode!
  10. Clay, Any progress on the Middle Fork of The American River yet?