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  1. Have two gold bug 2's for sale. Used mainly at Rich Hill and Rye Patch NV. with good results. Asking price is $400 each plus shipping. Both come with 6 1/2 and 10" coils. If interested, send me a PM. For those interested, I live in Colorado.
  2. Was that for the Gold Bug 2 by chance?
  3. Sorry Chris, and thanks for the words of encouragement, The fittings that are between the pump and the PVC are different on my unit from the ones shown in the two attached links. I honestly don't remember what they looked like during the demo. I purchased the unit 23 Sept and it's set since then. Possibly the fittings are the same, but all problems might have been eliminated. Where the hose from the pump attaches to the water flow control valve, it leaks as well as the valve itself. The hose shown in the videos is ribbed while the ones that came with the units were not. Bottom line, the units sold at the shows, the fittings are inferior to the ones in the links. The situation might be fixed by using small adjustable hose clamps at the site of the leak, but that's ghetto looking, and shouldn't be necessary. when I spoke with the person who makes the unit, it was explained the hose need to be pulled back some so the little spines on the plastic would engage with the hose, thereby stopping the leak. Didn't work. Being a retired accountant, I never developed the skills needed to tinker with things. My downfall. However one shouldn't have to go to Home Depot/Lowes to fix something which should have worked from the get go. I suppose I have a case of sour grapes, but you learn from your mistakes. Whole reason for the venting and putting on this forum is the company is located in Youngtown AZ. However, any comments towards fixing the problem from those who are able to build and fix things is greatly appreciated.
  4. by chance was a demonstration by Pro Gold Prospecting on the Black Magic Fine Gold Recovery Sluice performed at this show? The person doing the demo was at the Denver Gold Show and I purchased one I realize it's a 'buyer beware' situation , but I've had nothing but trouble with it's performance since the owner of Pro Gold called and left a gruff message in response to a letter I sent him; the letter wasn't too flatering the product is sitting in a corner of the garage gathering dust (guess I'll need to go to Lowe's or Home Depot and get some good fittings like what's shown on youtube). Just a heads up if you're considering spending your money, as I see it as just another gimick to help you part with your $ (just my opinion). the underflow sluice (pretty pricy) or a blue bowl would work just as good if not better for fine gold recovery. not trying to bad mouth the outfit. However, I thought I'd voice my 2 cents about it (sure glad there aren't other emoticons for me to get into trouble with). some might be wowed by it, I'm not. I expect to be thorougly chastised for my comments. rob - I know he's a friend of yours, but don't delete my gripe. let me reap what I sow.
  5. apw5746

    My first minelab gold

    I assume we're talking about the 5000 rather than my punny sd2200v2. Most of you are probably going to say I need to save my pennies, nickles, and dimes, but that's difficult to do in this economy. Hey Rob, what could I get for a trade in? Or should I say a trade up? I'm sorry about you wrist. Broke my years ago, and it hurts till this day. Pat
  6. LL, Both you and Nuggetslayer make me jealous. There just aren't any patches so pokes can be filled here in Colorado. Only thing to do (when it's the season - and one has to content with the rafters and kayakers ) is dredging, but the gold is small!!! Good luck to you both, and all that join you in the hunt, Pat
  7. apw5746

    Detecting to Sniping...

    Very nice gold. 3.4 grams would be a good find here in Colorado, especially dredging. Most of what is found is flour gold. While there is a lot of it to be found, separating it from the black sand can be nightmarish! Again, very nice gold. h20
  8. apw5746

    Gold on Quartz

    What type of acid did you soak your specimen in? I'm unfamiliar with various acids used to soak quartz in to reveal the gold as you did, and would hate to use the wrong solution. Colorado doesn't give up specimens like you've shown. h20
  9. After many emails (no phone # for customer service) I have obtained a refund. I talked to the BBB in FL, and the reason they only have a C+ rating is they haven't provided the necessary information. To file a complaint using BBB's website is pretty daunting, but it's the only business such as this will straighten up. To boot, they take your money, then place an order with a company that has the item, receive it, then ship it to you, making one think they are dealing straight with a dealer, which sadly wasn't the case. I have learned my lesson and will only deal with prospecting websites in the west. Remember Gold Prospectors Supply Company isn't a company you want to deal with! h20
  10. I may be posting this in the wrong portion of the forum, however I would like opinions. How many of you have made a purchase from the Gold Prospectors Supply Company out of Florida, and have received less than satisfactory results, namely, orders made, money deducted from you account, but product received weeks later?
  11. Are they only selling lifetime memberships? I live in Colorado, and get down a couple of times a year. h20
  12. apw5746


    Adam and I had the same mod? I got the GPX button and staight upper shaft from Rob's place is AZ, so we should essentially have the same units, especially if I happen to find a used DD Pro Elite coil. I just need to get out more and use it.
  13. apw5746


    Thanks. I've watched the video with Douge Stone on MLOTV 5 to 6 times on the 2200D, and other than the unit being OD green, a straight shaft with a Gold Button, which I finally figured out is a way to switch from fixed to tracking or vice versa, it has all the buttons, switches, etc., I've got. I have added the upper straight shaft and a GB, as I had a mod done so I could use the GB. I just need to get out and get used to it. Only problem is the gold here in Colorado is mainly in the rivers and dredging is about the only way to get it. I've used my Gold Bug 2 in the cobble and tailing piles with fair success, and the GB2 is a lot easier to ground balance, but that just my take on the two detectors. Hopefully having both will give me a little edge. Didn't you do a post about a year ago about getting a used Coiltek coil, DD Pro Elite I believe. I still haven't seen one for sale. h20
  14. Since JP views this forum, I am wondering whether or not he is going to have an instructional video about the SD2200V2 on Minelabowners TV? h20 SD2200V2 owner