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  1. Hey ROB & CO., Went out Saturday and picked up these guys with the gpx 5000. Biggest piece is 1 dwt, then two smaller dinks. Leaverite
  2. It's been a long time since I've posted on Rob,s Fourm. Because of work and other labor intensive stuff I have'nt been able to prospect very much, but was able to get out new years eve.Have been wanting to check this area out for some time and was hoping to pop out a dink or two but to my suprise I was able to finish 2013 with 21.8 dwt.The biggest being 9dwt.One hell of a way to finish off the year right? Well later that night I went to buffalo wild wings for some Mild wing's! But after ordering from a waitress who had no voice (strep maybe) who was telling me something about extra charge for ranch (really!!) and a 45min wait,what I got was Wild %#*!.Son of a itch! She also had wax in her ear's.So, the ? in my mind is this a sign of things to come in 2014 ? Hot as in good, or Hot as in Hell. Anyways here is some pic's.
  3. Here’s my total take from Moore Creek, 3.35oz. All were taken with the GPX4500 and the Coiltek 18-inch elliptical GoldStalker mono coil. I chose to run my machine in Enhance because of the amount of basalt at Moore. Search mode was in deep, audio deep, but at times I switched to normal. Gain was set to 12 and at times I ran as low as 9. Stabilizer was at 9 .My sweep speed is always set to very slow. Well I’m already missing the time I spent at Moore and not because it’s 114 in Phx. Steve always make the effort to make your stay a comfortable one. New shower and the Quad’s really helped to get you out to the furthest mounds and back when you were dead tired from hunting all day. Bob is one hell of a cook and he will fill you up with some fine down home cooking and entertain you at the same time, day in and day out! The only sad thing is making new friends that you may never see again (cryke). About the only thing I wont miss at Moore is that rusty old craper nuff said!
  4. It’s too quiet here! Well let's see if I can make a little noise? Rob has wanted to post some video on the forum for some time now but with everything he's got going it will be... (Like I said some time). Hell he hasn’t even posted the nug's him and me found last week. Just dinks but I'll take em! Grubstake hope everything up there is going ok .I have yet to see the nug's you sent to Rob but coming from Mariposa I know they have character .Me and Rob were talking the other Hot day about how we would love to be up there dredging hopefully real soon we can make the trip back up! Karl Just remember it can still get hot here in October so keep that in mind if you decide to make it a long stay. Halloween is about the time it starts to get really nice. Well let's see if I can make this video work here?
  5. Bob I thought I'd post this link to Tomshardware for ya.You may have it already but I think it's one of the better sites on computer hardware,(over-clocking and what not) checkher out.Tom's Hardware. I also need to dig out what I have on rocket motor's and make some copy,s for you.
  6. Hey Grubstake, How you doing ole buddy? Crawlin around the jungle were ya! Well I got out Thrusday, first time I’ve been out since me and Rob got back. I just couldn’t muster up the strength to venture out in the AZ heat. The wasp were everywhere and the cicadas were buzzing up a storm so much that if a rattler was near by I couldn’t have heard it. You guys spoiled us really good; man I wished I were there! I hope Dorothy is feeling better and say Hi to Uncle Allan and Jerry for me. Hey Shep, Big eyes and Kessler’s . Heres to ya! I was able to score a Dwt, er and a 4 grain dink, also a 1904 quarter.
  7. Good Ole Joey! Got me some dink's on my mid week hunt .
  8. Happy New Year to one and all! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Doc for all his hard work in bringing us the best in nugget hunting equipment. The Pocket Rocket is a godsend; no longer being tied to my machine is the cat's meow! The Bates boots are the most comfortable out of the box boots I've ever had. And Coiltek, well as long as I can remember they went hand in hand with Minelab.But most of all, the service from Doc and Rob is the BEST bar none! Thanks Doc, Rob and Coiltek! To each and every one this New Year ,may the Lord bless you with health and happiness! Leaverite
  9. Ron Make sure you get the old knee massaged before you make the hike to the top otherwise you might have to be a flatlander for a while
  10. Nugget # 2

    Way to go Bunk! 2 nug's right out of the gate and 1st day of the year .
  11. Ron Was up at the 24k on Friday got spit on a little but no white stuff and no yellow stuff
  12. Wow! Jim, you did'nt shake the ole skunk you blew him away.Hey Ralph, Eat you're heart out . Is that your 14"Skippy in the pic? Way to go Buddy!Great White Skunk no more
  13. I got to see Rob’s new digs. You got you’re self a really nice place there buddy! It’s just now; I got to get up an hour earlier to get there . I don’t think anyone has ever been lower and higher in one day but I new you could do it . Congrats again Rob.
  14. First nugs w 4000

    Jim I found if you roll around in the dirt a bit and jab some cactus spines in youre leg the ole skunk can be kept at bay.By the way thanks for the card but I ate some anyways Ron Rich Hill aint the only place I've found red dirt Look below my posted pic for the DWT's of the other two nug's. Also Ron, after youre climber nugget I think youre avatar should have a bigger smile on it
  15. Well, not really .The first was a 1grain nug, if you could call it that. But, hey I’ll take it. Wednesday I was able to get out with Glenn (The Mountain Goat) to check out a new area. Boy was it cold! Later in the day Glenn had to head back home so I took off a bit farther in to the area and was able to score 3 with the new 4000.This particular spot is loaded with basalt and ironstones, so I had the 4000 set in sensitive and smooth (or so I thought) I think wile pulling the 4000 out of my quad or pushing thru the brush the toggle switch on the front panel got flipped to normal. When I first turned on I checked the LCD to confirm my settings and saw I was in smooth, but when I put the coil to the ground smooth is not what I got. Thinking man this ground is hot I continued with about 4or5 swings and got a signal and began to kick a few ironstones out of the way to confirm, sure enough it was a 0.4dwt down about 4inch. Ohhh Boy I found a spot! So back to swinging before the sun gets even lower in the sky and the temp drops even more. It was going to be a cold one in the desert tonight! 4 or 5 swings more, and I said, self, something aint right .I remember reading on the web or in the manual that you have to be switched to sensitive to have the setting of smooth in the LCD.When I read this, I took it to be that you don’t have that setting to chose from. Maybe Rob or someone on the forum can explain what’s going on in the 4000 when you have the toggle in N and the LCD in sensitive smooth? Anyways flipping the 4000 in to sensitive is like night and day and the next two nuggets came a lot easier! My settings (for the most part). Sensitive and smooth. Audio.Quiet Gain.13 Fixed Tracking Coil.Coiltek Skippy Mono Left to right . 0.4dwt, 0.85dwt, 1.20dwt