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  1. Old SD2100 Setup

    Hi Rob , Bill at Mine lab said they would send me out another new one since mine was DOA brand new, but then called me back to apologize saying the were sold completely out. Bill said I could send mine to Australia for repair but it would take months. If mine is off tune I dont know why they just dont replace it. It should pick up a dime 6" off the ground. my garrett groundhog did that.
  2. Old SD2100 Setup

    yeah, I'm pretty disappointed. They were going to replace the machine but said they were out of stock on thursday. When I get it back from minelab LV I will take it back to my dealer for evaluation. I was successful finding many bullets at 2inches, but thats where they are.
  3. Old SD2100 Setup

    mine lab said it does not target well in the air and needs the ground. I will go back to the dealer in san diego to chat. thank you for the info on the dd vs the mono coil with regards to ground balance. I had a old garrett from the 80s i am used to. I did send my coil also. thanks , john
  4. Old SD2100 Setup

    I have a question on ground balancing. i just bought a new 2100v2 and both balance controls seem to do nothing. I have tryed many days, many soils, even asphalt. It is though they are unplugged. I reread the instructions twice. Also the tuning is the same way. I even tryed next to the high voltage lines in the Yuma area...nothing. do I have a dead unit? I sent it to minelab and they could not find a problem. also should it pick up a dime 6" off the ground? new with stock dd coil. thanks in advance.