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  1. I detected with this prospector and he test drove my GPZ before buying his.... Seeing him rape and pillage the gold fields leaving nothing behind him but gold dust in his wake makes me wish I hadn't... hahaha Just kidding, he works hard for his gold and I'm proud to say I was there when some of that was found.... good job, save a bit for us though will ya!! Jen
  2. Don't the nose prints on your bedroom window answer that question for you? Hahaha I had a death in the family yesterday that changed my availability as well so no worries... I'm in the valley... we can chat the week after. Jen
  3. Hi Rob, now that I'm pretty much a neighbor, I may pick up some from you... are you in town this coming week? Jen
  4. Still available and has moved to Scottsdale/Phoenix area for local pickup... $175.00 cash.
  5. ..... I realize multi day skunks suck guys, but really, machine gun fire? Isn't that taking it a bit far?
  6. 2 seasons, only season 1 is on Netflix. Most of season 2 can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGd44y4xEXjzzNO-ExcYIQw/videos Jen
  7. Fun hunt

    wow.. nice stuff....yea it does look like gum.
  8. Episode 10 can be seen here if you are in the UK or are using one of the earlier mentioned proxy servers like Hide My Ass Pro like I am using. http://www.questtv.co.uk/video/aussie-gold-hunters-2-episode-10/ Jen
  9. Most of season 2 can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGd44y4xEXjzzNO-ExcYIQw/videos
  10. Please see my 4 page long thread at Steve's site, too much to repeat here.... http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/4014-aussie-gold-hunters-season-2/ Latest two episodes are on page 3 and 4.
  11. So I ran into Lost Wages (Las Vegas) yesterday for some meetings and to reacquaint myself with civilization and while I was at Camping World buying useless free space absorbing junk for my RV, I found this........ what a great idea.... go grab one boyes n goyles.... great for those hot days on the gold fields.... combo water bottle/mister. Also available on Amazon, search for O2COOL Mist n Sip. Hey mister...... =+)
  12. I agree, here in GB on sens 20 the 7000 is surprisingly quiet, (it was much noisier in Dry Patch) especially today for some reason. Must be the lack of Great Gash (Grand Canyon) Tour helicopters out today.