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  1. Still available and has moved to Scottsdale/Phoenix area for local pickup... $175.00 cash.
  2. ..... I realize multi day skunks suck guys, but really, machine gun fire? Isn't that taking it a bit far?
  3. 2 seasons, only season 1 is on Netflix. Most of season 2 can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGd44y4xEXjzzNO-ExcYIQw/videos Jen
  4. wow.. nice stuff....yea it does look like gum.
  5. Episode 10 can be seen here if you are in the UK or are using one of the earlier mentioned proxy servers like Hide My Ass Pro like I am using. http://www.questtv.co.uk/video/aussie-gold-hunters-2-episode-10/ Jen
  6. Most of season 2 can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGd44y4xEXjzzNO-ExcYIQw/videos
  7. Please see my 4 page long thread at Steve's site, too much to repeat here.... http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/4014-aussie-gold-hunters-season-2/ Latest two episodes are on page 3 and 4.
  8. So I ran into Lost Wages (Las Vegas) yesterday for some meetings and to reacquaint myself with civilization and while I was at Camping World buying useless free space absorbing junk for my RV, I found this........ what a great idea.... go grab one boyes n goyles.... great for those hot days on the gold fields.... combo water bottle/mister. Also available on Amazon, search for O2COOL Mist n Sip. Hey mister...... =+)
  9. I agree, here in GB on sens 20 the 7000 is surprisingly quiet, (it was much noisier in Dry Patch) especially today for some reason. Must be the lack of Great Gash (Grand Canyon) Tour helicopters out today.
  10. Cleaned in CLR and ultrasonic. Iphone camera never does gold justice in photos. It's hard to tell in the photos but that little one turned out to be a GORGEOUS little speci... love it.
  11. Well after getting skunked on my usual areas in Gold Basin today, I was getting the feeling that maybe I should try something new (I move around a lot, as people who detect with me will attest). If I'm not on colour or it feels wrong, I'll move at times several miles and start again..... So, I went to an area that I'd been hoping to try again after being chased out by trash last time.... it dawned on me today, why.... I got out of the truck, did a quick walk up to the side of the hill/bench and fired up Zeddie.... but this time, I thought... I'm not getting skunked today.... let's crank this bad boy up.... I had been running at sense of 10-15 today, depending on the area..... I thought to myself, let's give Steve's Mac Daddy Go Big or Go Home settings a run... In all honesty I'm usually running very similar settings, minus his hi gain. Well up it went.... wow, noise much but I figured.... I had nothing to lose, I'm learning the machine this Summer, I might as well see if i can get use to running super hot..... I did a quick ground balance and away I went... I got less than 10' and heard angels (well, ok, maybe it wasn't angel's but you all know the sound).... BOOOOOO YAAAAAAAAAAA nice rough little nuggy DEEEEEEEP. I proceeded to do a little "Beat the skunk, thank you Steve's settings" dance in circles..... as I was filling in the hole it struck me, why wasn't this found, out in the middle of a huge wide area, easy target... oh well.... then I commenced detecting..... and as I wandered and dug HEAPS of small trash that should have been dug by detectors before me, it dawned on me...... and then... mid thought... WOOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oh man.... a pop can, like I need another one of those..... and down I dug...... hmmmm when did gophers start drinking soda, this thing is deep.... and then out came a 73 grain chunk.... oh yea.. oh yea... who your daddy!!!! I then realized, I'd found my first virgin patch, and on Gold Basin no less...... 20 sensitivity is my new normal....... wow, what a huge difference... I've gone from hating a chatty threshold to now realising the power that same noise has..... It was getting late, the patch is hard to get to/from in the dark so I left..... this story will be continued.... (I hope) I'll post updated cleaned pics after they get a bath. $324.00 at $50.00 a gram... I may have an extra ice tea tonight at dinner. Thank you Steve........ for your continued reference in some of your posts (including your one recently with the shovel in it) where you mention this may be an option for some.... it was for me today and is my new norm. Jen
  12. Great story, thanks for sharing, ironically one of the flats I got on my trailer this summer was on jungo road and I pulled down a side road to put the spare on... continued down that road to turn around my long trailer and ended up on that very train crossing... very sad. On a side note: I speak from experience when I say the north end of the Eugene's are still giving up the occasional big gold. RIP Prospector.... Jennifer Whoever said the GPZ doesn't make you dig big dig holes hasn't used one.....