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  1. Wow that was fast, found one, thank you all.
  2. Hi all... I'm looking for a GPX battery with dead or near dead cells, I only want it to repair one I have with good cells but bad amplifer board. Let me know if you have one and let me know how much you want for it. If you have just the amp board I may take that as well. Thanks Jen
  3. No worries.... where are you located? Phoenix by chance?
  4. Chandler=dissapointment, aren't we worth at least Scottsdale?
  5. Rob has this sold yet? Disregard, just noticed the date....
  6. Still looking, if anyone has a Honda GX270/HP500 Proline pump for sale in good condition, let me know... have cash in hand.
  7. Great video.... thanks for sharing..... that's my plan, my project just ended at a company here in Phoenix but I just yesterday accepted a permanent position here in Phoenix that will allow me to start buying property in Gold Basin for this exact purpose.. WOOOO HOOOOO No BLM hassles, not permitting.... (other than getting rights from the RR of course if they own the mineral rights). That multi stage sluice system he shows is exactly what my Heckler Fabrication system is setup like, here's a shot of it on my claim in British Columbia, you can see the 2 separate water flows, one higher velocity, one lower below. It's also on the bottom of Greg's page, great system. http://www.hecklerfabrication.com/highbanker10x10.html Here's a link to a video of it in operation: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Avhtw3U2Ym5KKmwC2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/kLV9gw8QXVox3uv62 PS: Notice the red pepper spray and blue horn on the rocks, this was grizzly country. No snake chaps needed but we had other concerns.. Jen
  8. Prices please, no one likes guessing. If you want the highest bid, put it on ebay and a link to your auction in your ad. Just my .02 Thanks Jen
  9. Yup, and you don't see one in my closet.
  10. If it weren't for that guys sunglasses, I'd not be able to see him..haha camo man.. I'll attest to th awesomeness of the hats, one arrived today with an order I placed, very good quality. PS: I love your ferrite attachment method...great idea. Jen
  11. Does the purchase include lifetime use of your claims up in Stanton (if you still have them)? hahah... kidding.
  12. Update: Yes, he puts a little weld well for a magnet, mine popped off a couple times from the banging at the ground. I epoxied it back into the well but it still came loose... for now I just keep an eye on it and pop it back in when it pops out... may have to bore a hole through the magnet and pick and put a bolt through the both of them..haha.... Actually, I may try JB Weld next time, instead of the epoxy I used, and completely cover the magnet with the JB encasing it.
  13. Macro shots of a specie

    My little baby... http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/4116-steves-over-caffeinated-hi-nrg-maxed-out-zed-settings-find-virgin-patch-in-gold-basin/?do=findComment&comment=44553