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  1. jjbond

    Rye Patch ?

    Yea..... that's what I thought too... Have fun... Jen
  2. jjbond

    Rye Patch ?

    I was there last July for a month, cost me 1 travel trailer tire and 4 truck tires (blew one and replaced all of them to be safe) Jen
  3. jjbond

    Rye Patch ?

    ..... drive slow.... trust me
  4. jjbond

    Rye Patch ?

    Yes, absolutely.
  5. No, but I can tell you where they 'were'
  6. Russia, as detailed in the links.
  7. OH SWEEEEEEET... I love the 14" GPZ cover I bought from you, nice to see them selling a 19" cover as well. Jen
  8. jjbond

    Rye Patch ?

    Hi Rod, I reckon that if I can get up to the top of Rye Patch with this monster, so can you... I was in the process of moving from the Northwest to the Southwest and stopped to nugget hunt overnight, I'm probably the only person who's ever taken a pickup truck load of dredging equipment to the top of Rye Patch (there's no water up there..grin) Jen
  9. jjbond

    17x13 Evo ..

    Hi Diggin, my preference having run several ellips and rounds is, especially where I hunt, in scrubby areas, is the ellip for sure, I love being able to poke the tip in between scrub and under brushes or through between scrub close together, Evo ellip is my weapon of choice coil wise and round for wide open areas, of which I've not seen in a long time, maybe up in Rye Patch area. Jen
  10. I hate to swear, but HOLY CHRIST!!!!!!!! That shot really sets it home how much of a monster that is... thanks for sharing and glad to hear your dad's doing better. I lost both my brother and my mom in 2017, it sucks, glad you're not in a similar situation, hope to see him out there swinging coil soon. Jen
  11. DAAAAAAMMMMNNN!!!!!! Well done!!!! 4500's a great machine and an incredible value. Jen
  12. Falls under the classification of "prospecting". verb (used with object) to search or explore (a region), as for gold or other precious metals. Green arrow: overburden Red arrow: digging implement Yellow arrow: precious metal recovered
  13. http://time.com/5202598/russia-plane-gold-cargo-takeoff/ https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/16/world/europe/russia-plane-gold.html
  14. Rumored site of $55M in Civil War-era gold draws FBI's attention, reports say http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/03/17/rumored-site-55m-in-civil-war-era-gold-draws-fbis-attention-reports-say.html