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  1. Cool Beans. As soon as the Tax man pays back his loan I'll be in contact. Thank You. As a minimum I'll be looking for a Power cable and Button Cable. With that I can get it up and running to play with until I figure out what route I'm going with it. Thank You. Homefire
  2. Yep, piles of counterfeits out about. There are Garrett and Tesoro Counterfeit too.
  3. I have a GP3500 coming soon. Box only. After the Tax man pays back his loan I'll be in the market for a Upper shaft and cables . Button cable and Battery Cable . If anyone out there has this stuff please leave a note ? Thank You. Homefire
  4. Yeas ago I got to playing around with some Pseudo IR Glasses. Obviously our eyes can't see IR light but we can see some of the Upper fringes of it. These are worthless with a few exceptions. They block out 95% of the light your eyes and mind are use to working with and using. They allow you to see things in a different light so to say. I used them a few times to aid in locating old home foundations, roads and paths my eyes simply couldn't see under normal lighting. Never tried but they may help in recognizing different grounds and mineralogy of area's you would normally notice.
  5. Night time with a Red Flash Light. You can bag that puppy in a garbage bag. Spray some Starting Fluid in the bag (Ether). Yep our Epipens expire in a few months. One at school. One in the Truck and One at home. Going to go with the Injectable. My son and bee's DO NOT play well with each other. LOL
  6. homefire

    Sweet sound....surprise

    Like gold it took a tumble in water and ended up sinking.
  7. Not much use for finding gold other then locating Black Sands . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetometer
  8. homefire

    What to do???

    Reminds me of a time I trans versed a sweet corn feild. If you got cought stealing you was procicuted. If you asked the old boy would hand you a bushel basket and say FILL IT TO the TOP. lol Thanks for ASKing.
  9. homefire

    Wanted Dead or Alive

    LOL Have shot 45-70 Black Powder and Nitro. Nothing like .375 H&H or Rem Mag. Ouch.
  10. homefire

    Found a jaw bone

    True BS..... I shot a javelina that had some gold in it's teeth. Down off SR - 86 in Arizona back in the 70's ! It had gold impacted in two teeth.
  11. Guess he didn't have them stashed too well. OR it was someone he knew.
  12. Islam is NOT a Religion. Islam IS a Totalitarian Political System Based and Backed on Fear, Death, Intimidation and Brain Washing the Uneducated. Ban Islam our Enemy.
  13. homefire

    Happy Birthday Rob !

    Happy Day . Kick Back if you can.