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    Metal Detecting: Civil War Relics, Coins
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  1. One of those coins is a really nice one!!
  2. Nice Husker Seated!! Congrats!
  3. Nice night out!!

    Most of the gold found with the CTX has been with the 11 inch stock coil. To be honest, I forgot about the coiltek aftermarket coil. Hopefully someday we will have the opportunity to test it out. So many toys on the list,,lol
  4. WOW-- Nice and Congrats!
  5. Nice Sunday nugget

    Nice Gold!! Congrats!
  6. Nice night out!!

    Probably around a half ounce that night. Total, we are at around 5 ounces.
  7. Mark and I found a little patch and have been having a good time finding a few pieces of gold! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Hqqvd0Mg9I
  8. Hey Ron, Thanks for the input. I will pass the info on to my buddy and I am sure he is willing to accept reasonable offers on the machine. He was using for meteorites and has a couple of them so is thinning the herd a bit. After seeing your post I did check FeeBay and think it is in the range but on the upper end of the range as you stated. But it is a nice machine and will be shipped at that price (or at best offer)
  9. LOL I wish that was me & Mark!! But that 5 pounder was found pretty far away from me. Thanks for the video plug though!! No more big nuggets for us: We did get the 4 oz, 2.5 oz, 1.4 oz and a 1 oz during our run though. Also found our first patch. (30-40 smaller ones) Some idiot started to follow us and jumped in. Gold Fever is a crazy illness!! Hence our silence! Ron Swenson Ron (CA) If that was me I would be shouting and bragging my butt off!! LOL