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  1. Well, I have used the 705 a lot more than the GBP so I am much more in tune with the 705. I really like the iron mask when hunting gold with the 705 and being basicly fully auto it is really easy to learn to use. The 705 is also a very good coin and relic detector. I do think that the GBP hits harder on the real tiny gold. The set up with the Pro is pretty easy with the ground grab feature and is easy to use. I know a lot of folks use the Pro for coin and relic hunting, I have not so I can't say.
  2. I did not weigh it but it looks to be a gram or so.
  3. I got this littleguy the first two hours using my new Gold Bug Pro.
  4. Gold Nuggets with Holes

    Little hole at the top. Bunk
  5. I would also donate a nugget to a prize pool. Bunk
  6. Heres a couple cool finds from yesterday. I have not heard of the Az Smelting Co, will be checking into it today. The second item looks like a money clip. Tag with a Explorer Se Pro and the clip with a Xterra 705. Bunk
  7. Hey Rob, Welcome to the Nugget Finder family! If there is anything I can do for you, let me know. Bunk
  8. Hey Paul, I will be out at Discision Corner the 14th through the 20th. Hope to see you! Bunk
  9. Howdy All, I took a lot more interest in coin hunting this last summer with a Xterra 70and a new 705 and have made some pretty good finds. This winter, I moved up to a Explorer SE Pro as my coin and relic machine. Wow, what a difference! I only have 20-25 hours on this machine so far but I can tell I am really going to like this machine once I learn all the ins and outs. I have mostly been hunting parks and ball fields while I am in the training mode but I do have some really trashy spots that I want to drop back to once I figure it all out and get a smaller coil. So far, I have only been using the factory presets but do look forward to playing with some custom patterns especially the ability for this machine to “learn”. I am planning on a couple of beach trips this summer and I expect it to excel on the beach. These are my finds so far. Bunk
  10. 15" WOT

    I also have an SE Pro that I am learning but I don't really think that is the machinefor anyone just getting into coin hunting. I has a pretty steep learning curve. The 705 is very easy to learn and lite enough to swing all day. If you are hunting rings, you will be digging some pop tops and foil as those things fall in the same range as gold rings but a little experience and you can pretty much tell before you dig but you still have to dig it all to be sure. Nice solid target ID numbers are the best targets to concentrate on when you are learning the 705. Bunk
  11. Sorry to hear this, hope you heal well and fast. Bunk
  12. 15" WOT

    Robert, Since I learned to hunt the grass in in parks and ball fields, that is where I have been spending most of my time and doing very well. The guy that showed me how to hunt the grass was useing an Explorer, that is also a great machine for weeding out the trash. I have been useing my WOT on a Xterra 705. It is allways my pleasure to help folks out at the outings! Bill, I know some folks are useing the PI machines for relic hunting back east and over seas with great success but I think it would drive me crazy! Even with the Xterra, copper and alum. can sound like good targets. Bunk