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  1. New D-11 V2

    My Toyota clutch master cyl. line sprung a leak at the clamp. No clutch as no fluid. Had to pee into a coke bottle and pour it into the reservoir. That coke bottle stayed with the truck until I sold it.
  2. Rob, I don't know if you found the handbook yet. I found this PDF on Minelab's site http://www.minelab.com/__files/f/4068/4901-0070-1.1%20Instruction%20Manual%20Safari_Screen.pdf
  3. Can anyone tell me the benefit of being able to adjust the 730 pulses per second?
  4. Doc, Maybe you could put a short paragraph with pictures on the Mayor's Facebook Page. Front and center always gets action!
  5. ** Forum Migration Complete!! **

    Rob, Although the circumstances have been migratory lately. The journey has been smooth, even seamless, though we have been hopping from board to board. This traveler bids you a good cheer!
  6. My account was HACKED!!!

    Hi all, After seeing this thread I thought everyone might like to read about password generation. https://www.grc.com/haystack.htm Gibson Research Corp. is very well respected. You can also try out your passwords after reading about the password concept.
  7. Good friends and good gold! Thank's for sharing.
  8. Rob Nice find. I would add this to your questions. What could that 5 cent piece buy for the miner that lost it? The video forum is coming along nicely too.
  9. Come on guys don't you know a sonic blanket super coil when you see one?
  10. hurthawk The sound quality is super but no picture just a white screen. Is it just me?
  11. Crazy Pete Thanks for sharing the videos of Malcom. What a life!! Sultanas are a green seedless grape dried to make a raisin.
  12. Pete More like a freakin' banquet! I'll be at the table for a while chewin' on this and tryin' to digest it all!
  13. Nice Gold! Great videos too. Keep 'em coming.
  14. Back to bedrock

    Hurthawk have you tried attaching a small laser pointer with a rubber band to your helmet cam? It would give you a better idea for centering the viewing area. I always look forward to your video's. Thanks for your effort. Jim