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  1. Did you chase the flies away mate. I have had to clap my hands in front of my face just to see where I was.
  2. New Boots

    They are great, and they came in half (wide) sizes when I got mine 3 years ago.
  3. Minelab SDC 2300 New Info 1/31/14

    Some folks though have to work with what they can access, and that may be areas where a patch may mean 1000 pieces of gold, all under a 1/2 gram. That's 16 oz not a bad small patch in this day and age. However I would feel like I'm playing with a toy with a 8" coil.
  4. Less than a week to go to the full announcement of the SDC-2300.
  5. Specked at 4 yards while sitting down for lunch. 5 dwt West Aust The last sunbaker I got on my second last day in West Aust late last July. It's weight was 28.5 grams
  6. New GPX Model

    I decided not to by a ML 5000 last season in Aust. and went with the old m/c (machine). This year I will not go at all unless the new m/c is released, for the Aust. winter season. Most of us oldtimers think that ML will miss the boat, if they don't release a break through Detector very soon. Rob replied Did you say you will be buying in June not july
  7. I hope the 5 ex wives you offered are in better shape than you. If not I think they would be a liability to Doc
  8. Well the best thing is you will not do that again. In the outback (Aus) as well as water you must take medication, GPS, Communication, and batteries and back-up. If you don't you sure can be in trouble.
  9. Honest answers only.....

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
  10. Well it time for another 4000 Km drive to West Australia, this will be the 8th trip to WA Gold Fields. No plans but have up to 5 months free but intend to drive home via Queensland so that will add another 5000 Km. Take off on Sat 4 June and those that know me will find us within 200 Km of Leonora for awhile. So I will be not be posting on the forum for quite some time.
  11. Fred Let hope your trip to Australia in the next few weeks is a great success, by the way don't forget to throw all those under size nuggets back.
  12. Fred Mason I know that what you say is spot on, and so do a lot of other MineLab users even as far away Australia. I do hope ML wake up to their problems in LV and fix up their dismal performance.
  13. Great WW-II Pics

    Thanks for the photos. Spent over 6 years in that area during 1970-80 and remember those sites and the ww2 relics (planes, shell and tanks etc) that we stumbled on in the jungles.
  14. Good to see there was no metal in their foot-ware in the first photo.
  15. Mike. I chased gold for over 10 years before I started metal detecting. It took me 1000 hr before I got my first nugget with a detector. I had over 100 nuggets before I cracked one larger than an ounce (4 oz). A few years later I hit a patch and got 26+ oz in a day. In the last 6 and half years I have been using a ML-3000 the model before your choice and have found well over 2000 nuggets with it. Some of these nuggets weighed 4.75 to 5.5 ozs and hundreds weighing less than a half a pennyweight. The big trick in finding gold is spending time going over ground that contains gold and is not too deep for the detector. GOOD LUCK.