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  1. Liked your photo and the landscape it showed.
  2. geof_junk

    Here ya go,..."OMG!!"

    Good to see Kevin with his Hand of Faith.
  3. Just convert your photo to a PDF file and post the PDF.
  4. Good to see members helping each other and the problem being solved. ✔️
  5. Great photos as usual from NERO . DS you might need to be a member of that forum to see them but i am not sure. Edit Note gold prices are in Aussy dollars ie AUD $100 is US $75 . That is 33% more than USA ....US $100 = AUD $ 133.
  6. Now if it seems like there is no more gold left,I bet if you take a rank beginner out with you, he will do something stupid and find a good lump.🤣
  7. Forget about the setting and detectors just cover the ground. Cover it casually and spread out wide as the ground will allow. When you have done this , it is then time to ask for help providing you have not found any gold.
  8. Great Mate, it good to see gold with out having a magnifying glass to see it.
  9. geof_junk

    Rye Patch ?

    Jen I hit a rock that I did not see 50 Km Off road one day. It took out 2 tyres and the front wheel alignment. Only had one spare so I see your point it not nice to get caught like that. When I got back I lent a couple of wheels and had to do a 500 Km round trip to get 4 new tyres more suited for situation.
  10. geof_junk

    AT Gold coil ?

    Rohan Sadie that is in my collection I won when it was first released, It a great coil I don't use it much I'm not sure it is because I like his larger coils for patch hunting or because the wife has claimed it. Sadie has found thousands of small nuggets over the years mainly by her. I think it is hard to get the sadie of her than the gold. Note she not wearing High Heals
  11. You're dead right MATE. This is my second smallest "bottle" I have just found the little one.
  12. Tell your DAD that medical procedures are near miracle these days. I have had inner parts of my heart electrically burnt (Catheter ablation) and then Cryogenic frozen finally AV node severed for permanent ventricular pacing. Now I am fully dependent on a Pacemaker with built in defibrillator. I had a cardiac arrest with no heart beat for 22.5 minute thanks to Rapid CPR, I survived and can still walk a marathon, kayak solo many miles on flat water. In fact I would not know I had a cardiac arrest now except for the weight gain due to medication. They are a long way in front of Christian Barnard 1967 breakthrough.
  13. It is the way to go. Back in the 1980/81 we used to check aerial photo in the golden triangle for puddling dams and surfacing areas (striped of trees). This was one way of finding spots that others might not of found. I then used the mines department record and databases. This lead me to get all the pre 1950 gold mines and put them in my own database (google .......historical-gold-mines-in-google-earth) which I made available for Ozi gold prospector. As a hobby it has made my gold chasing well worth while.
  14. Did you chase the flies away mate. I have had to clap my hands in front of my face just to see where I was.
  15. geof_junk

    New Boots

    They are great, and they came in half (wide) sizes when I got mine 3 years ago.