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  1. This is what happen to someone who followed me.😉
  2. "gold-is-not-where-you-find-it" because you have already found it 😁
  3. geof_junk

    Lode claim & nuggets??

    That haul looks like the finds on Victorian Aus goldfields during the 1980's. Must be plenty of opportunities for gold there mate.🤑
  4. geof_junk

    Beat the heat retreat

    Great Photos. With all that water may be you should do some panning
  5. Liked your photo and the landscape it showed.
  6. geof_junk

    Here ya go,..."OMG!!"

    Good to see Kevin with his Hand of Faith.
  7. Just convert your photo to a PDF file and post the PDF.
  8. Good to see members helping each other and the problem being solved. ✔️
  9. Great photos as usual from NERO . DS you might need to be a member of that forum to see them but i am not sure. Edit Note gold prices are in Aussy dollars ie AUD $100 is US $75 . That is 33% more than USA ....US $100 = AUD $ 133.
  10. Now if it seems like there is no more gold left,I bet if you take a rank beginner out with you, he will do something stupid and find a good lump.🤣
  11. Forget about the setting and detectors just cover the ground. Cover it casually and spread out wide as the ground will allow. When you have done this , it is then time to ask for help providing you have not found any gold.
  12. Great Mate, it good to see gold with out having a magnifying glass to see it.
  13. geof_junk

    Rye Patch ?

    Jen I hit a rock that I did not see 50 Km Off road one day. It took out 2 tyres and the front wheel alignment. Only had one spare so I see your point it not nice to get caught like that. When I got back I lent a couple of wheels and had to do a 500 Km round trip to get 4 new tyres more suited for situation.
  14. geof_junk

    AT Gold coil ?

    Rohan Sadie that is in my collection I won when it was first released, It a great coil I don't use it much I'm not sure it is because I like his larger coils for patch hunting or because the wife has claimed it. Sadie has found thousands of small nuggets over the years mainly by her. I think it is hard to get the sadie of her than the gold. Note she not wearing High Heals