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  1. where can i go

    Bunk I would like to take you up on your generosity. I live in Colorado, and have reservations at Stanton, Jan. 3rd. I have been to Stanton several times and yet to find my first nugget. I bought a GPX 4500, from Chris last year. This year I'm bringing a Coiltek, and Nuggetfinder Coil. I've read Jim Staight's "The Nuggetshooter's Bible". I've got Chris's Nugget Hunting Essentials, Volume one and two. Practical Prospecting, GPX- Series. I belong to Road Runners,Weaver Mining District, Y Not Prospectors Club. Gpaa, and LDMA. I do admit I use my E-trac much more in Colorado. The GPX in Arizona. I understand low and slow, I'm sure I'm not hearing the whisper of the nugget, just the blast of the trash. I'll be in space 31, Jan 3 rd. Hope to hear from you. D-mac
  2. With the Minelab's on back order, has anyone had any experence with Accurate Locators? They have a SSP-2100 in stock, that is PI. I would like some feed back before dishing out $3500. Thanks D-Mac