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  1. thanks, I'll keep that it mind as well!
  2. yes I loved to catch blue tongues and large skinks, but usually the corrugated iron was full of cane toads, so your lucky seeing eight baby brown snakes. And yes.. I should teach my kids that saying. I heard it many years ago, but it must have been after putting my arm in a river bank hole, up to my shoulder. When I pulled it out with a nice set of puncture wounds on my inside forearm. I said to my mates to "keep a check on me"... and fortunately nothing but redness happened. Had to resuce my sister twice on one week from a red belly black and a cream faced whip snake that had come in under the door of the toilet. They were wanting a colder place to escape the heat. I tell you though, seeing that king brown really flatten it's head and arch, in front of my wife's bare legs really took the breath out of me - just pure adrenalin
  3. When the 1.+ meter king brown flattens its head and all you see is your wifes legs and feet (in Teevas sandals) in front of you now before the snakes head, you don't forget. Fortunately the snake decide not to strike at the last moment about 20-30 cms away. I'd say that's close, but the closest I've come is actually after a bush fire, lifting up stones as a young kid. In a still smoldering area the first (#1) stone just had large ants, the #2 stone had a centipede thick as my thumb (interesting!) and the #3 stone I lift where there is a gap between the earth and the stone. Actually I put my middle finger on that hole, between earth and stone, and lift. Well that was one of the best looks I've had at a red belly black snake sitting flicking its tongue right where my finger was before - on that hole. I kid you not, that snake was also over a meter. So now the moral of the story is....I don't turn large stones over with my hands after a bush fire, and my wife wears solid shoes and pants in urban areas and off the track.
  4. Great job guys! Bill and Barb I hope for the best. Congrats to the winners, have fun out there.
  5. That would take a lot of hydrofluoric acid and its probably not worth it. take some test slices and polish - ?
  6. Russian meteorite

    The blue ones would probably have a higher nickel content. I've seen green contrails before, so I'm probably thinking copper or manganese.
  7. Russian meteorite

    looks like it fragmented into sizeable pieces. At 300 kilotons of energy, I'm glad that thing was coming in shallow and was essentially an airburst. They reckon it was 7000 tonnes and 15 m across. There certainly is the potential for a mishap if people have itchy fingers on the nuke buttons or the Yeltsin football.
  8. I lost my closest friend, Uncle and Grandmum to cancer. Rob your raffle idea is worthy.
  9. Minelab Marketing Coup

    How many countries have had a minelab contained gold rush now? Quite a few hey, and I still think there are plenty more. How many more big nuggets due to detecting and what proportion due to GPX or CTX. There was a recent multi ouncer in Spain....with a CTX! Thanks Steve.
  10. Rob, your sunbakers make great wallpaper for the computer. I often just think about the one you have with 6 or 8 - have you found it?
  11. can't ever complain about half an ounce!
  12. Looks like a little map with Lake Eyre and Tas. Nice and yellow.
  13. That one with three in the picture is sure sweet