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  1. Rob,


    How much is the used gold screamer power pack?



    1. nuggethunting


      Hey Brent,

        Give me a call at 623.362.1459 this evening.  New ones are $469, I would probably let this one go for $350 shipped.  Over $100 less than new price and free shipping.  Works great, tested it on my GPX 5000 already.

  2. Rick,

    Ben a while sense I said hi. How's the hunting been lately. Do you still use the 4000 or undated to the 5 or even 7000? I am still using my 4000. Finding a few nuggets here and there but at least I'm finding a few. With my 4000 what coil would you recommend. Is the new EVO as ggod as they say or stay with what's working?

    I know you do a lot of hunting in Northern Cali, what do you think of Northern NV? Any areas you recommend? Do you hunt around N. Sierra's? 

    One day I need to get with you just to shake your hand. Best of luck lucky. 



  3. Got a nice one today!

    Way to go Tom
  4. Doc, That is beautiful. Will look forward to get my wife one.
  5. Rye Patch Gold

    Beautiful gold, one day I will be able to say the same.
  6. Nevada Gold With GPZ 7000

    Steve, Very nice gold.
  7. Special Prayer Request for Uncle

    Praying and believing that God will create a miracle for him.
  8. Lost My Target!

    Lucky, Whats your take on the 2300?
  9. Unc, Happy B-Day. May this year be filled with yellow gold under your coil.
  10. Time for a 5000 or a SDC2300?
  11. Cooler Weather!

    Lucky as usual you live up to your name. Still looking forward one day getting together to swing with a master.