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    somewhere in the desserts of sotheast az
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    gpx 5000, dredging, drywashing, looking for virgin placers, tattooing, and helping others
  1. Looking for a stapp mining winch 12000# or similar set up doesn't have to be working willing to buy, grub or trade for thanks
  2. Dude that ol scale of yours paid its dues lol ive seen pounds on it....tell Jeff to get outta my sniping hole I already cleaned it out
  3. Behind The Power Curve

    You da man Rick! I like that patch and cant wait to go back I think there's a pounder out at that spot with your name all over it! Gotta say after I seen that sucker on my phone this morning I'm a jonesin..
  4. Another loner...

    Ones better than none, great shootin Ray!
  5. Leaf gold

    Crazy looking piece, wtg!
  6. Nice to see the success in the field and awesome to get out with Pops!!
  7. Man all the nuggies I have pulled I have yet to snag a coated one, plenty of iron specimens they should always grab a good penny though. I wouldn't mind buying a small one for my desk collection
  8. Greaterville is a hard hunt but Google it and all creeks have gold for miles
  9. Border nugz, back at it!

    Thanks Budds , feeling better with a little threshold in my life lol..sadly don't think I'm going under water this season hope everyone is well!
  10. Great gold Rob!! Sweet to work in some beepin around a very busy schedule. Minelab 11in commander mono is a great coil!
  11. Hey all, I've been all tied up the last few months with non gold related business. Not even enough time to get out and detect, with much frustration and gold withdrawal. Gotta hand it to you guys there has been a lot of nice finds lately wtg!! Here is some yeller from last week's hunt.
  12. Hey Congress man

    Yeah bud just borrowing it lol. Well if may it is might be a little hot on The new patch but at least the block on the truck won't freeze this time lol.