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  1. Very nice. I gotta get me some of that, and soon! Going a bit nutty over here seeing as I've not dug any up since last summer - not for a lack of trying.
  2. GlennM


    I'll tell you this, as another GPAA member... get on the new claims quick. Often folks let GPAA on a claim because they believe they've done all they can on it or live too far away and don't want to pay for their vacation hunting grounds. Once it gets added to GPAA inventory, though, it will often see a decently high amount of traffic for a while and those who get there early get the golden worm. Just like any other nugget hunting, you need to research the claim and land on which it sits to identify the areas best for what you'll be doing. Just remember, no one can viable hunt even 20 acres in 4 days. So make a plan and stick to it. Good luck!
  3. I found a mule shoe at over 2' (deeper than my pick is tall) with my 3500 and a 9*14 NF Mono in a hot rock filled mess of a corner. And that sucker wasn't quiet at all I also found a 1937 Maricopa County license plate laying broadside at a horribly God awful depth with the same setup. That one about friggin killed me. Again, not quiet as I didn't even have an amp on it at the time. I'm not convinced a ML with the right coil and strong back won't be able to decently discern a target at those depths from background noise. You just wouldn't hunt with the typical nugget finding settings. Being I have a 3500, I don't get to decide as much as a fancy 5000 I do agree a two box or something like the blanket coil detectors might be better suited, but then you miss all the fun of finding those screaming little boot tacks LOL
  4. Hey Rob. Tonia is my wife with the Paypal acct. I'll send you an email. Thanks Frank for calling. I passed out tired around 8:30 last night Thanks, again, Rob and everyone who participated! Great to see the community come together like this. I'm blessed to be a part of it.
  5. When does the raffle end? The GPAP meeting isn't until the first Thursday of March and I know we would like to pass it to the members who don't do Facebook or spend much time on forums. I've asked my wife to buy a few tix as well (I don't have a Paypal account). The text I sent her: (URL) I need you to buy a few tix. This is for a good friend who I know would be doing the same if we were in his shoes. It means the World to me! Bill has a big heart and even bigger pride. I know it hurts to even consider accepting our help. I'll offer to hold him while someone kicks some sense into him if there's any more gruff from him Rob, thanks for putting this together and be sure to tell the ML America folks thanks for allowing this. Also, to all who are donating items, you simply ROCK! Just wish I had something to donate worth winning.
  6. GlennM

    Forums back online

    I hate it when there's spiders crawling everywhere. Gives me the heebie jeebies
  7. Yep. Nice slug for sure, congrats! Kelly, you're not gonna have the box? That thing is like your calling card, man. I recall folks like my old wheelin buddy, Mr. Ed (RIP). He only knew folks by their rigs. I was Glenn Red CJ. Just look up Mr. Ed's Excellent Adventures and I'm in there a couple times
  8. The power pack doesn't work now that the database on which it relied is shut down (govt at work). And El D is a good man, not only for keeping his word about where the story would lead folks, but also for not letting it continue past its sell by date
  9. GlennM

    Minelab CTX 5000

    Rodd, ML does have a considerable amount of patents in their machines and reciprocity between AUS and USA keeps it that way. Besides, Aussies will work for beer and steaks
  10. The story also claimed 1.4m length... that is not 1.4m. Figuring that ball is around 2" would give it only about 22-26" length, not the ~4.5' claimed. The shadow _could_ be missing from the knob if it were pointing upwards at an angle that hid the shadow... emphasis on could. The overall mass is not more than a couple kilos to be very generous. Looks cool, but not what is claimed. If it is real gold, I would still need a change of shorts.
  11. Hey, Rob. I saw ya walking around, but didn't get to say Hi. Saturday had ok traffic at about half the normal amount and Sunday was dead. Allowed for a lot more one on one time, and as a chapter that was good. But the vendors weren't doing nearly as well. Certainly some great deals to be had, though. I did hear that the Butte, MT, show was worse (not sure how) and the Denver show was gang busters. I flat-out asked a couple folks what they paid for booth space. There were a few last-minute additions. One paid around 100, another paid 250... Booths got at the last minute were cheap cheap cheap. They needed to fill holes like a trashy field and a crappy detectorist. Jim, It was good getting to talk with you and your lovely wife and I'm glad you two enjoyed Charleston's. From what I heard after tear down, they are doing the following next March (Jim, this is a correction to what we discussed): The normal March show at Mesa Convention Center. The weekend after that, there will be a 'vendors by invite only' show in Quartzsite. This invite is to ensure only one major-brand vendor of each at the show. E.g. one ML dealer, one White's, one... you get the picture. I had heard earlier they were going to do the Quartzsite show to be just before the gem and mineral show out there (which would be not long from now) next year. But I over heard a convo a certain GPAA show manager had with one dealer last evening about two contracts coming at them where he explained what the two were for. Since several local dealers sell ML, White's, Tesoro, and even blue bowls it makes me wonder who will be invited. Just not sure they're not going to really tick off the local vendors, and some members, by doing this.
  12. Yeah, Promack won't be there, either. They are setting up at the state fair the following weekend. Wonder if it will just be the folks who normally travel to all shows w/no, or very very few locals. Oh well, tear down won't take so long
  13. There has got to be more to the story. If nothing else, get some tapes or a digital recorder and start writing your story. I know publishers would chomp trough the bit to make this book! I know I would buy a copy. I advised Miss Ellie (from Congress, AZ) to get her stories down in digital. She already has a publisher wanting her story and like hers, losing yours would be a loss of a national treasure. Thanks for sharing thus far. I really hope the vertigo and other crap gets better fast... This book can't be done, yet. I've been re-reading the stories and using Google Earth to map out this stuff, never mind the imagery in ny head