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    The peace and cameraderie that comes when detecting and digging for gold. The beauty of the land God made for us to play in.
    Travel nursing, adventure, making new friends.
  1. Wholy moly.... I sold my 4000 for 2600.. I always liked the way the 4500 worked...
  2. Anyone want to sell a 7000? I left a msg with doc but I don't knew if he still has the one he was advertising. Pm me or email
  3. Dredging is hard a.. work and anyone who has done it, knows that.... so I don't care if anyone or all of you out there dredge------ the statement above about breaking that "law," is not valid because is not a law--- I suppose the real question is...... do you believe in the Constitution and the Mining Laws already set up? If you don't, then I can understand your line of thinking..... And dredging hasn't got anything to do with "screwing" me or anyone else----personally--- I am all for anyone who has the guts and the gumption to get out there and get it on---- standing on the Laws that are already in place and have been for years. By the way, I am not part of the "us" above....... And lastly if that was written in jest and I didn't get it,,, I apologize.
  4. What did you get for your 2300---im going to sell mine and get the big dog I think
  5. I got out on the same type of rocks this weekend it sounds like!!! Man was the 2300 crying like a baby at high noon---- sweat beads rolling off my head like cannon balls---- There were hot grey rocks, hot green serpentine, hot petrified wood agatey looking rock, conglomerated concretized hot stuff.....almost everything was making me pay for it if I kept my sensitivity up over 2.... just isn't real fun at that point.... Now if I had got a little dink in the middle of all that I would be chirping like a bird ... Looks like you were doing just fine where you were--Keep it up!!!
  6. Minelab SDC 2300 for sale----- 2850.00 Includes: Camo cover from Black Al in AU Adapter cable from Nenad via Rob Allison
  7. I think it is broken and you should send it up here to me to test for you..... i have an old pencil tip soldering iron and some resin core.... Yeah, i will be waiting for it,,,just send it to my regular address... Glad to be of help Rob...
  8. Holy Moly Wes----- You came out to sell bro!!!! Only 7000.00 more for the Good hunting !!!! paul
  9. Thx Rob, It was time to ask. ... You never know..... BTW I have already sold my gb2 and the old turdy five hundred....hated to part with it but I wanted to try the new baby out... I will be in touch
  10. Hey Rob, IS Minelab still giving the 15% discount for us vets?????
  11. SDC2300 is still for sale----2995.00 out the door...... Update 3-1-15 I still have my 2300 but she is for sale----camo cover and 1/4 inch adapter cable
  12. pkirkll

    bill s

    hahhahahaha....what a great childhood memory,,,