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  1. gpx 4500 went swimming

    paratrooper, it must have been so. It dried out, and works as good as ever. I am so relieved! My trip was just as I had hoped for. I did well enough to pay for next year with the whole family! happy. Now back to the record low creeks for the rest of the summer.
  2. gpx 4500 went swimming

    Ok for now, it seems to be working fine! I am so happy I cant find the words. Anyway, I took off the one cover, filled it with rice, and replaced it. I then set it on the nose of the locomotive while I went across the blackrock desert today. When I got home, I dumped out the rice, and fired it up. I live in very hot ground, and it still found a 3gr nugget that I just threw out In the yard. (with tape around it) it sounds just like it should. So I am off to the claim at 8am for one last try. hope it works! Thank you all, I will report back!
  3. F-19

    very cool ray!
  4. gpx 4500 went swimming

    I'll try to answer you all here! First, yes I do have a backup detector, (t2) I found lots of nuggets with it, but nothing deep. I do like it a bunch... BUT its not my elephant gun, as some say the gpx is. I am going to the place I have dreamed about since I was a kid. At least I am still going! As for the box, ok I will open it. just wasn't sure! I am out here in elko now, so headed over to Walmart to get a tool set. I brought just the box with me. I haven't posted on here in a long time, but I appreciate the help. Chuck, great story! I know exactly which whites you are talking bout. My buddy has one that is in perfect condition, looks like new. You know in 07 when they took our dredging, I wanted to keep diving. I better try a AT PRO, if I am going to keep this up. This is a first for me in 7 years of detecting the creeks. Maybe I am getting old though. I have never fell so fast! As you all know, the creeks are very slick this year, and WARM! Dave, yessir, I hope this does it. Thank you I messaged you on fb, but it didn't go through for some reason! I read a post where you said that before. If it comes to that, cool. that would be a wash with the gold I found just before the dunk. just bad timing! thank you all, joe
  5. well, the title says it all. I slipped while dredging with my platypus. I don't know how I didn't keep it above water, but its done now. I turned it off immediately, but it was making some weird sounds first. I fired it up today in the house and it sounded fine. So off to the claim I went to see. I guess the heat made the water inside vaporize, and it started showing on the lcd screen. I took some grainer nuggets with me, and it sounded off to them fine, but then it acted up. SO, Is there a poor soul who may have done this? I don't have a star type to get the bolts out, but I was thinking about taking the cover off and putting it in rice. My daughter did that for her cell phone, but who knows here. Anyway, it sucks bad, as I love this detector. I feel there couldn't be a worse scenario, because I leave for Alaska on the 18th for ten days.. Thanks for the help!
  6. California Maps

    I hope you are talking about the middle American, not feather!
  7. I just took a guy out yesterday who bought a 3500 fron Doc in 06. He never used it at all, so i was more than willing to help him out, i wish i had someone to do that for me when i bought mine! Anyway, this thing right out of the box, was a great. stable, easy to use detector! I was very impressed with it! I say just use what you have, as i think for the ground that i was helping him on is the very worst ground in ca. I also think it was a tad more stable, but not as deep as my 4500. As far as modding, is it the same guy that goes by woodypoopoo on youtube? I have used some his pointers on ground balancing and freq tuning religiously! cheers guys
  8. first nugget of the year

    I'll get a better pic. And yeah no other coils will work as well in this ground. Got another nice one yesterday, but no camera! Oh well. This was going to be my best year, but i embarked on training my Lab for hunting this fall. Well, he jumped out the window of my jeep doing about 20mph. Long story, but two ounces of gold later, a new hip and a three month recovery has taken a lot of my time this year. Dang! I'm not getting any younger thats for sure. Take care, joe.
  9. Headed to Weed..

    mines may 8th. i'll be in duns. i sent you some good stuff.
  10. first nugget of the year

    howdy, i was swinging a 4500 and settings were- deep, very slow, gain 10, special, sens extra, target 48. with the joey dd, it was around 8 or so inches deep. Not bad for a joey!
  11. Here's my first find of the spring! 81 grains. Joey dd. I love this coil!
  12. If you could only use 1 Coil

    I'm with you grub, i was just thinking all these guys, and no platypus! I love mine in the gold country because when i backpack in, one coil is just lighter. I hate leaving my joey behind though, so whats 10 oz!! I think most of you guys are in the desert obviously, but the plat can go anywhere. If i were in the desert the 14in goldstalker would be my choice.
  13. Nice job doc! one heck of a positive signal for suck a small nugget at depth. That was very impressive. I was thinking wow i must look like a dang dog the way i dig. You are so careful! was that decomposed bedrock that it was sitting on? looked like it....
  15. Its Offical...

    Ray, you are the godfather for sure. Buy the gb pro dude. dont look back