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  1. Good deal, Brian! That's what I call a good day, a bran spankin new 5000 and finding some good gold with it on the first day!
  2. wjbell

    New Forum Upgrade

    The only thing I noticed is that the old board software was smartphone friendly and this one isn't. The old one would display the forum with bigger text and a layout for the phones. This one has the standard browser layout on the phones and the text is super small. Maybe there's an option in the config to detect mobile phones?
  3. I don't know man... I'll have to "axe" the engineer if the design is ready for production.
  4. wjbell

    White TDI SL

    I've been out with a friend with a 4500 when I had my TDI pro a did a few comparisons. Basically he could hear a 3 dwt nugget at 15" and I could hear it at 6" tops. I use to have an SL before the pro and the pro gets better depth than the SL, so...
  5. Man, that sounds pretty bad. I've had an injury since Oct that left my right hand paralyzed (radial nerve palsy) About a month ago hand movement started coming back. I know all about losing the function of a hand. Hope you heal up quick.
  6. Wow. Real bright. Nice lookin gold.
  7. wjbell

    Quiet in here ?? gold ??

    Man, nice gold! Over here in California we're going to get our first real rain of the season starting tomorrow. Saturday's questionable so I have my fingers crossed. If it isn't raining I'm going out, if it is I might as well work...
  8. Thanks Pete! Yeah it was a good time! Man... and wood cooked BBQ chicken and vegetables at the end of the day... It was a good "feed" (as my Irish friend would say)
  9. Went out this weekend to a new place. Went out with some old friends, and met some new ones. We got together for breakfast, spent the day hunting and then came back to camp for a BBQ dinner at 4000 feet in the sierras... It don't get much better than that. Good friends, good food and lookin for gold!! That's what it's all about... Hope everyone's ok with me posting their pics
  10. wjbell

    First swing for the year

    Oh yeah, some nice nuggets. Pretty stuff too!
  11. It seems like it saves all those types of settings as long as you keep the battery connected. Same with ground balance. Not sure though, maybe someone else can verify.
  12. It seems like the tuning process starts from the lowest frequency and scans to the highest frequency during the tuning mode. (Took a rocket surgeon to figure that one out ) And what I've seen with the 4500's and 5000's is that even manually tuning the frequency a couple of numbers can eliminate EMI's completely. So very little change in frequency tune can tune out the offending EMI. So with this SD/GP tweak, maybe changing the second count a little one way or another will still lock you into a preferred (low) frequency while being adjustable in case the 5 second rule doesn't work in the area you're in. In other words, try 4 seconds, or 6 seconds. You're still in the lower register of frequencies, just adjusting it to suit your needs.
  13. Alright, thanks Pete. Good info!
  14. Thanks guys and thanks Ron. Oh yeah, I'm going to have to get back there see what I can come up with. Cool bunch of guys.