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  1. Good deal, Brian! That's what I call a good day, a bran spankin new 5000 and finding some good gold with it on the first day!
  2. wjbell

    New Forum Upgrade

    The only thing I noticed is that the old board software was smartphone friendly and this one isn't. The old one would display the forum with bigger text and a layout for the phones. This one has the standard browser layout on the phones and the text is super small. Maybe there's an option in the config to detect mobile phones?
  3. I don't know man... I'll have to "axe" the engineer if the design is ready for production.
  4. wjbell

    White TDI SL

    I've been out with a friend with a 4500 when I had my TDI pro a did a few comparisons. Basically he could hear a 3 dwt nugget at 15" and I could hear it at 6" tops. I use to have an SL before the pro and the pro gets better depth than the SL, so...
  5. Man, that sounds pretty bad. I've had an injury since Oct that left my right hand paralyzed (radial nerve palsy) About a month ago hand movement started coming back. I know all about losing the function of a hand. Hope you heal up quick.
  6. Wow. Real bright. Nice lookin gold.
  7. wjbell

    Quiet in here ?? gold ??

    Man, nice gold! Over here in California we're going to get our first real rain of the season starting tomorrow. Saturday's questionable so I have my fingers crossed. If it isn't raining I'm going out, if it is I might as well work...
  8. Went out this weekend to a new place. Went out with some old friends, and met some new ones. We got together for breakfast, spent the day hunting and then came back to camp for a BBQ dinner at 4000 feet in the sierras... It don't get much better than that. Good friends, good food and lookin for gold!! That's what it's all about... Hope everyone's ok with me posting their pics
  9. Thanks Pete! Yeah it was a good time! Man... and wood cooked BBQ chicken and vegetables at the end of the day... It was a good "feed" (as my Irish friend would say)
  10. wjbell

    First swing for the year

    Oh yeah, some nice nuggets. Pretty stuff too!
  11. It seems like it saves all those types of settings as long as you keep the battery connected. Same with ground balance. Not sure though, maybe someone else can verify.
  12. My first nug with the 3000! Right at 1/2 gram. Heard it at 4-5 inches with the stock 11 DD. With this good California weather we're having (was at least 60-65 deg today) I'm going to have to get out as much as I can...
  13. It seems like the tuning process starts from the lowest frequency and scans to the highest frequency during the tuning mode. (Took a rocket surgeon to figure that one out ) And what I've seen with the 4500's and 5000's is that even manually tuning the frequency a couple of numbers can eliminate EMI's completely. So very little change in frequency tune can tune out the offending EMI. So with this SD/GP tweak, maybe changing the second count a little one way or another will still lock you into a preferred (low) frequency while being adjustable in case the 5 second rule doesn't work in the area you're in. In other words, try 4 seconds, or 6 seconds. You're still in the lower register of frequencies, just adjusting it to suit your needs.
  14. Alright, thanks Pete. Good info!
  15. Thanks guys and thanks Ron. Oh yeah, I'm going to have to get back there see what I can come up with. Cool bunch of guys.
  16. I was JUST reading about that the other day. I kind of breezed through it and was going to post a question about it on this forum. Talk about coincidence. Thanks pete, gonna have to give that a try. One question, if you did the low frequency tweak on a coil like the 11 DD would it help it out in depth of bigger gold at all?
  17. Yeah, ever since the GMT, I loved the "grab" button but hated the auto tracking. Always ran it it in fixed with the grab button for changes. Auto tracking seems to get out of whack and confuse the detector. One second it's a target and the next, who knows... Did it GB to the target? Too many variables, don't we have enough already? Like you said, manual GB so nothing changes until you want/need it to change.
  18. Thanks Matt and Pete! Yeah, the button is a huge improvement. I like running in fixed so just hold and balance anytime is nice.
  19. Just thought I'd post it. I sold my TDI pro and bought a GP3000 and did the tracking button mod. Not too bad but I was nervous about cracking open that box! Took my time and I think it came out clean and works great. Nice improvement for the 3000.
  20. Thanks Rob.. I've heard about the mods from the guy in Australia, can make a 3000 compete with the newer models. Gotta save up my allowance or find some gold first! But yeah, excited about finally getting into a minelab! Workin with somebody on a coil right now (used) then probably looking at a pocket rocket system and a gold screamer... I'll be calling you for those. Boys and their toys...
  21. Yes, Radio Shack! Seriously though, this is a DIY project I got instructions for off the net. You basically buy a $4 momentary pushbutton from radio shack and then use whatever method you want to splice it into the two wires going to the factory fixed/tracking switch.
  22. Thanks for the tip! Do you think that little area around the socket where I removed the foil will cause any problems? I followed instructions on the web and they said to do this.
  23. It's unconstitutional and I don't think could fly. There'd (hopefully) be so many Americans outraged and hopefully do something about it. What pisses me off is the Constitution was put in place by some very smart people who knew what a government with too much power would do. It was just a little over 200 years ago that we fought to get away from that. A sad day if Americans allow this to happen to them. “Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” - Benjamin Franklin “The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.” - James Madison “If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” - James Madison
  24. I saw that.. you have to wonder how any part of our government can even consider writing that into law. And with something so important, we don't hear anything about it from the media? Here's a video about it from an internet news source, hope it's ok to post it...