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  1. You are correct, they are AMRA claims. Jim Hamilton owns them who was along. Fun day it was.
  2. Fun day out today

    Really nice Tom!
  3. Mine fit perfectly and should have a chance to try out this weekend. Thanks!! Mike
  4. It looks like you folks from Route 66 had a great time. Post some photos!! There are some big nuggets up there. The Anvil fault runs right through the AKAU camp about where the spring pipe comes out of the ground from just West of King Mountain. Good times there. Mike
  5. Goodwin fire

    Great photos Tom!! Thanks!! Mike
  6. Three Silver Coin Pocket Spill

    Great finds Terry!!! Its cool when coins have friends!! Mike
  7. Submitted my comments a week ago. I hope folks step up whether they have a personal stake in the Black Canyon area or not. It has become a Razor highway though.
  8. 2 for 2.5 grams

    Nice gold there Tom!!!
  9. Phoenix GPAA Show

    Copy that Chuck. I'm getting to be the same way. When I get on my knees to scratch out a target it takes me a couple of trips to get back up again. Cheer!! Mike
  10. Phoenix GPAA Show

    It sure will Chuck. Minelab Deb was telling me that it specifically designed for use in Africa and is a great beginners detector.
  11. Phoenix GPAA Show

    When I first heard of the broom handle the first image that came to my mind was the Wicked Witch of the West riding around on the Monster.
  12. Phoenix GPAA Show

    Deb from Minelab will be down there, I'm sure she'll have one. Mike sends.....
  13. Great day out today

    Very Nice Tom H. The great weather was a bonus as well.
  14. Sounds like a Great day to me!!!