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  1. i have used my nicad batteries on my XLT for 10 years now, and alittle in my GMT..when done charging after overnite i'm only getting 10.1 volts and falls off fast..can i assume that they are pretty much done...they were used mainly the 1st 5 years..i see whites has new nimh batt pacs now with charging stand..anybody use these yet...xman
  2. ..thx grubstake, i saw that too....xnman
  3. ..i have a friend who has about 2 large bottles, [maybe a quart] of mercury that her deseased dad had from years of prospecting...can i sell it to somebody in the bay area or do i just give it away..will city haz-mat people take it..do i donate it to a chemistry class..whats it worth..[might be 2 quarts]..thx...xman