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  1. Bill's forum down?

    Found a butt load o'gold there, but it was no big deal to get across that big wash...But I haven't been there in 6-7 years... There's bound to be some pockets with the new tech out there ... Good luck ... Cheers, Unc
  2. Yo, All...Is Bill's forum shut down?!!!! Cheers, Unc
  3. Shep, there was some nice gold found in that Oreo Patch of JJ's...I think a guy could drag a monster magnet through that area and then go in for some very nice gold...There's a garbage dump there the old timers used and gold has been found all around it...I'd think a 100# lift magnet would much more than pay for itself there! ... Cheers, Unc
  4. Yep, Mike, the other ear is chopped liver and after a few day on the gold field it gets stinky!, but good cat fish bait...... Cheers, Unc
  5. That's an amazing day's find! Congratulations on your good ear! Cheers, Unc
  6. Check the latest out...Dodie's latest video success:
  7. Crush and pan it out! ... Cheers, Unc
  8. Finally some meat

    GW, beautiful pendant piece ....WTG, Cheers, Unc
  9. Dodie's Video

    Yes, Yellowstone is just the first because they sell so many of our activity books...We have to work with the park interpreters on everything and it is expensive and time consuming! Cheers, Unc
  10. Wowie Zowie...Dodacious is sure getting good at creating amazing videos fast....Check this one out! Cheers, Unc
  11. Here's a cool 4 ozt+ Lynx Creek nugget...Don't remember who found it except a grand pa and grandson....Cheers, Unc
  12. Happy Birthday, Frank...Hope it is being a great one! Viva Tiquila...Felicidades! .... Cheers, Unc
  13. Beautiful and he is in a good area...Down hill from there is probably rich in smaller gold and uphill is the source...Just takes some lookin' ... Thanks for sharing .... Cheers, Unc
  14. Her (I hope) are pix: Ain't happening...This forum is very restrictive on loading pix...Bill has lots of pix of all the equipment in the classified forum...Cheers, Unc
  15. $250 + freight unless you pick it up in Wickenburg... Cheers, Unc