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  1. Just introducing myself!

    Glad to hear that.Your fiancee' is absolutely right, this detector is suggested to me by Mr. DOC .Oh that guy is very nice and have many decades of experience under his belt . If you'd happen to meet him greet him on behalf of his friends in Sudan. I still didn't purchased it,though.Thank you very much for your kind reply and all the info you gave. HAPPY HUNTING to you as well and Cheers
  2. Great ! I congratulate you Mr. Rob for doing so well. Hope your business flourish the long way. Cheers from Sudan.
  3. Interesting, long and funny article Doc; Chris it is not funny at all.Actually Ive had something similar .Long time ago ,one day I decided to go to the nearest city by foot.It was like seven kilometers from where I live .Being younger than I now, after taking breakfast . I headed towards my destination , about 11 am. Encouraged by a mild moisturized weather.Carrying no supplies or drinks.I got faster at first, then when I got tired slowed down a bit .There's water nearby by - in canals- but it's contaminated .So by the end of the journey I almost couldn't feel my feets. Luckily,when I arrived at last found a house with water tank outside.I rushed to drink all I could and soaking my head and feet. That day I nearly totally dehydrated.Kept on taking water till I could not more.I took some money with, that's helped a lot in buying natural juice drinks and some choko.At the end of day I returned home by bus. That experience will never forget.I made a mistake by not telling my family or anyone where am going.Not even at that time there's is cell phone operator in the area. Chris I am glad you're fine now.We humans make mistakes, yet we learn a lot from them. Peace to you and your family.
  4. Just introducing myself!

    Hi April, And welcome aboard I 'm new to this field just like you.But learning is all about . I 'm considering purchase of Xterra 705 How you found it ? is it easy to use and carry around ? I am eager to hear you experience. Best luck !
  5. I found a dealer here in Sudan.I am currently waiting for more info details from them. Is the rechargeable batteries necessary in my case ? will it cost more or the disposable ones? There is a hot rock area I am intending to cover.They used to take rock from it to build roads and bridges.Also the area used to be a shooting range for the military - training area - so I expect alot of metal junk - ammunition e.t.c. Does that pose any problems in detecting ?
  6. Thanks.Any tips of the trade ?
  7. Hi Doc, and good to hear from you. That's exactly whats came to my mind when I did my research.I think there is a Minelab's dealer in the region; in the U.A.E. Take a look here : Minelab X-Terra 705 Metal Detector.There's many others but this is an example.They sell it around (815.52 US).Do you think it's highly priced ? I know this business is booming and expect some fluctuation in price rates. I think you now know better that the Sudanese prospectors here does not have much experience, so they chose detectors according to trial and error method, or hearing someone found some gold nuggets with a model then all of them rush to grab a similar one asab ! Knowledge is power. I decided not to follow their method.Thats why I ask here in the forum for advice. Now some prospectors are even seeking other methods to find gold - not just handheld metal detectors- they try now Radar or Laser 3 D probing devices (the kinds used usually by archeologists and the like).The government is huge now on Mineral resources in general and gold specifically.Selling licenses to foreign companies of large areas .Still there's more gold to be found in the Sudan as you stated in one of your videos. please let me know if i left something important to consider it. Thanks. Live in peace you and your family.
  8. Hi bill, my budget is limited, so gpx5000 would be out of range for me.As for the tractor and the scraper thats a good point.I can arrange that. Thanks very much. peace for you and your family.
  9. Hi, all members. I really appreciate any advice or Info given to me. I actually starter prospector.I am planning on purchasing a detector but my options are limited by a tight budget.Please can you tell me which detector has best value of money+good nugget shooting capabilities+battery live .One of my friends came recently from the fields and said there is more gold to be found but needs the right equipment and know-how to operate.We are planning on a trip to the fields but the lack of owned detector (not rented or borrowed) hinders our efforts.Searching here on the forum is informative but I like more info about what type -of detector- is suitable for my needs.I am from Sudan and watched Doc's videos about his trip there.I think one of the first areas I am planning to cover is heavily mineralized with iron and quartz. I 'll post photos when I arrive there, so you could help identifying those kinds of rocks (please bear with me as I am not a professional geologist- though my nick name is Geo cause I love Planet Earth )
  10. Hey Doc

    Hi Doc good evening in Las Vegas. It is been a while since I visited the forums, but ever since I look forward to read your posts cause I usually find interesting and helpful bits of information in them.About your friends, it's an awful thing that they are being stalked by jackals - though it happens - I hope they travel safe.I also look forward to any info about them. I really like to join them in their next travel because teams work is great or what you suggest solo or group expedition. I p.m 'ed you
  11. It must be as you mentioned the way the told you of the names - not a big issue though- I thank Mr Esam on behalf of all the Sudanese for taking care of you(lucky you ) I lived in Omdurman city since 1995 for about 6 years and left it afterward s to Khartoum.It's a beautiful city.Back then when I am in Omdurman I lived near the big market (Souq Omdurman) and yeah I know the baking shops you mentioned.I agree with you the traditional bread is very specifically delicious and am glad that your family liked it.That's kind of you saying that about me, I am just a little man in a huge country . When you came to Sudan at that time I've been studying German Language - which is why i didn't know about your arrival til you left to your country.Although you looked tired i feel like you enjoyed your journey in the Sudan.Hope you are giving us another visit in the Sudan in the near future. Live in peace you and your family. Geo
  12. Hi Doc, Sorry I mean the order you posted them in the forum not because they are wrong, of course not Its just some mindless chit chat
  13. Greetings, it's "Omdurman" not "Obdurman" by the way - "Um" or "Om" means mother in Arabic.Thats a usual custom to (butcher) a lamb for a guest because lamp meat considered the finest type of meats in Sudan.There's also modern baking shops ("Khabbaz" - in Arabic) for the traditional one you documented in the video.I liked the narraitives you give. Cheers
  14. Interesting videos,though I think you posted Video Part 10 before Part 9 or is any mistyping here Anyway thanks alot
  15. Hi Rob you're always welcome in Sudan That's right rexb