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    Paning, Dredgeing , Mineing ,Detecting Gold , Enjoing the outdoors,
  1. Dear Frank C. you make drywashers , this is a picture of what we consider a portable one , tows behind the vehickle and sets up in a few hours , rember its portable by Larry
  2. sluicing

    Dear Landon Im verry sory I got way off base wiyh the pic,s , and apoligise , for makeing you droul on the keyboard , ok, ill stay on the subject from now on , I went sluceing and cause it was raining again Iwent in a cave and guess what i found ,to my amayze? this and a matching one too Larry
  3. sluicing

    Dear Dutch John does any body in these pic,s look familiar?? ( Larry ) a bit of the past, dont you think??? I have all the family albums, even 50 years of gold nuggets, and hunting, and mineing ,and the people from the past, who made some of it all posible ,
  4. sluicing

    Dear Matt you were talking about seting up a big dredge , how,s this for big ? it,s on the Salmon river in north Idaho , and it,s as big as it looks , just thought id show you what a big one looks like ok, see Ya later, by for now Larry, just another dredger , Oh the dredge is in the starting of the Hell,s Canyon in Idaho , You know the river of no return ,
  5. sluicing

    Dear El Darado if you mean the fish my mom is holding , it is a trout that went to the Ocean for a year and came back to spawn ,lay eggs ,then they are called Stealheads , and it probably weighed 30 pounds , sorry i got off the topick, but I was braging , wouldnt you ? so ill get back on subject , sure wish i was home, so i could go sluceing, and panning,By for now , please forgive me for braging so much ok,is this the fish ?
  6. 40 years of beeping

    Dear Dutch John ,here are some more pic,s of dad,s favorite thing, next to hunting nuggets , mom,s favorite too, this is from the Lewis-Clark valley in Idaho, dad,s home town ,His second hobby, Croppy, Catfish, Trout, Steelhead, Salmon,And even Sterguin, for over 50 years , im shareing dad,s happyness with you ,hope you like the pic,s glad to make your aquaintaince Duth John .
  7. sluicing

    Dear Sean C. ,the fishing is still good after all these years , when they tore down the old Lewiston Dam ,yhe fish stoped for a while , but the Steelhead, and the Salmon, the trout, and catfish , even the Stergun, are regulated now you can keep only sertain sizes ,The sturgen were up to 12 feet long, and we had the bigest Catfish ever, the Steelhead would hang to the ground, lets show them some fish from Lewis-Clark valley
  8. sluicing

    Dear Idaho Al here are 2 pic,s of river by Golden, on road to Elk City , and 2 more out side Lewiston, on road to Assotin Washington , on the Idaho side , thought you would like them , Larry Lagal
  9. sluicing

    Dear Idaho Al Im from Lewiston, and my wife is from Clarkston, across the river in Washington , Orifeno , i drove that river road to there, all the time, at 70 miles an hour on that river road, across the bridge and through town up that mountain lots, to see friends that lived up there , you could see your tail lites on some of the corners in the old road , rough too , I was raised up river in Eik City and Golden on Nusem Creek on the North and South forks of the river, my foster brother, is from Lapway on the res, sure do miss home , the valley grows on ya ,just like Orifino does , its all changeing up river all the time, Kamei , Kooski , Stites , Harpster , Graingevile, Rigins , i miss them all the time , good to hear from someone back home , its different back there ,its good to talk to you, well talk again ok, Larry Lagal
  10. Dear Frank C. good to hear from someone who rembers my father , now rember im not him, just anoyher miner nobody special ,good to meet ya, by for now Larry Lagal
  11. sluicing

    Dear Idaho al , it will be spring soon and good weather , im just as board as you ,im down here in Texas , waiting to go home to Lewiston and get my gear out , and go dredgeing and hunting nuggets again , here are some Salmon River nuggets to look at and think of spring ok Larry Lagal
  12. Dear Kelly here are some nuggets to look at too,in the pan impresive ya ? Oh i forgot the big one in the last picture weighed 8 pounds and all that little stuff came out of one hole, great find for the day ,mabe youl figure who my dad is and how long ive been doing this , my name is Larry Lagal son of Roy J. Lagal the writer, and the man who fathered electronic prospecting , not me im just a miner that has done it fo over 50 years , good to share with you ,and talk to a fellow free soul keep hunting you never know what youl find,
  13. 40 years of beeping

    Dear Dutch John here are pic,s of the Roy J. Lagal you know ,and some of Tommy Long , Virgil Hutten ,and Black Fether ,and my Mother Wilda Gerildeen Lagal at the bigest show in the U.S.A. for snowbirds Quartsite Arizona , this is the Roy you know, and my father ,sorry but im still the black sheep of the family , you didnt even know I existed , I was a 60,s kid i dont write books and mised my father after he started, he is in the treasure hunters hall of fame, and in the World Book as the man who fathered electronic prospecting , and was a great teacher to all , I wanted to gold mine , dredge , hardrock , hunt nuggets with a detector , pan for traces , hunt in the desert , and live in the mountains , dad had a hard time that i wasnt a salesman with a easy life ,By the way ill be 60years old pretysoon,so you know dad has 2 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren and more on the way , he and i dont talk anymore , but im still his son , i check in on him each month , dont menchen you met me it will just upset him ,cause im not what he wanted me to be , but i know as much about gold as he does , i lived it all my life , nobody special Larry Lagal, glad i had the honor to meet you John ,and share with you ,thats where it is ,shareing stories not selling books for me ,
  14. 40 years of beeping

    Dear Dutch John yes my moms name was Gerri Lagal , and you are talking about Tommy T. Long ,not related but still family , when mom died me and dad had a falling out , to much to talk about , but im still his son and im nobody special ,just Larry Lagal and i been at it a long time 50years of hunting , started with a D-Tex old B.F. O. those were all we had back then here are some more pic, of dad back in the 60,s good to meet you ,i also put some of me , mom and newer ones of dad,
  15. sluicing

    DearMatt ,the first one is a 8inch surface dredge with a 8inch sub surface blow hog hung under it,it drives itself, off the trailer ,and down to the water, its real heavey, and the second picture is of what, we move it with ,it has a lot of power, and moves equipment fast,i build heavy to last , lite weight stuff dont last with steady use ,sometimes we go 50-80 feet deep in fast water on the Salmon River, and the Snake River in Idaho,Where im from ,and lived most of my life ,