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  1. thanks for everybodys help and advice to the questions i had. ive decided that the area im in it would be better for me to get a sluice box and try finding gold this way. and if i end up really getting into it i see myslef getting a detector down the road. thx and hope to soon be showing some pics if i can find anything in these streams in lancaster pennsylvania.
  2. just wondering what would be better for a beginner. using a hex pan or a round pan while panning for gold in a creek. and also is it a waist of money getting a metal detector from walmart online or should i try to find a cheaper used name brand detector on ebay?
  3. new guy looking for advice

    damn missed it thanks for looking out tho
  4. Hello im living in pennsylvania and had been looking into nugget hunting online alot and was just hopeing some one would let me know what direction i should be going in. ive seen that the good detectors can go for up to 5,000 and my budget is more around the $200-$300 range. any one know a good detector in that price range i should get for my first? and should i be looking near streams and such or in the hills?
  5. trying to find more out about prospecting gold