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  1. Sorry for highjacking your thread rob. Wasnt my intention. Was wondering if anyone ever got a double signal from a long skinny piece of gold like the one you have pictured. Posted my pic more as an offering in exchange for info.
  2. Sick Creek

    Very nice gravel, Love that purdy california gold. I tried some creek detectin this weekend also. Dug about 20 small bits of iron in about 10 feet of creek bank. Had to give it up after my pooch hurt her paw. Another skunker. Think Ill wait till the water recedes to go back.
  3. Back years ago when all I lived for was dredgin, I thought I would try my hand at some detectin. I went out and bought a Whites GM4. At that point it was the newest vlf model that whites had produced. Just like Rob said, I got nothing but frustration. I messed with it for about a month or so and then it went in the closet. Very rarely after that did it come out in several years. I just did way better at the end of a dredge nozzle and none of my buds were interested in electronic prospecting at that point. After the BS cali dredge ban, I decided to give beepin another go. After the GM, I knew I wanted a pulse machine. Whites had recently come out with the TDI and it was more affordable than the newer minelabs. So I went that route. I used the TDI for a few years, honed my skills a bit and found some decent gold. But the TDI just didnt have the depth and sesitivity I needed. I finally decided to take the Minelab plunge, and boy am I glad I did. I found a used 4800 and with half cash and half gold I purchased it. Right off the bat I was finding gold in places I had already hit hard with the TDI. I have been using it for about a year and have done well. In my mind there is no substitute. The GPX gives me confidence that every time I go out I have the best equipment available for finding those deep targets and the shallower ones that a vlf or even the tdi couldnt. Well worth the investment. Minelab GPX's are bad to the bone!!
  4. A few more from the patch

    Sweet chunks Pete. Way to clean up. Sure is some pretty gold.
  5. That nugget will turn my head faster than any of them girls Sweeeeeet!!!! Piece
  6. afternoon nuggie

    Sure does Thanks doc
  7. Wow!!!! Awesome nuggs!!! That's every nugget shooter's dream. Congrats on your patch discovery. Thanks for sharing
  8. Nice nugs. Like Matt said real good trash to gold ratio. Can't wait till tomorrow. 12 hours and counting.
  9. afternoon nuggie

    I started using the 4800 about a month ago. It came with the 14" nugget finder. So far it's been really good. I tried the stock dd one time, didn't much care for the way it ran compared to the mono. Perhaps after a few more finds I'll look for a larger mono. thanks for the replies
  10. afternoon nuggie

    Hey Matt, I'm running the 4800 with a 14" elliptical, mono nugget finder. The piece was about 6-8 inches down in the top layer of the cemented clay.
  11. afternoon nuggie

    Thanks BB. Sure is nice of mother earth to pay you back for removin all the trash.
  12. A bit of good fortune from an afternoon hunt.