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  1. Thanks Doc! Your place is already on the top of my list to visit Monday morning. I wanted to see what supplies you offered, lands I can go MD on, your recommendations, etc. Looking forward to meeting you. =))
  2. Thanks guys for all the feedback. This helps us "newbies" get into the heads of seasoned prospectors such as yourselves about how to approach a new area which we know little about. By the way, I found this forum by accident, but glad I did because this has been the most informative of all of them. I spent the last few days going over the old threads and have learned much. My hat is off to you guys. You're a wealth of information for nugget hunting here in the desert. =)) I'm glad to be a member so keep up the great postings. Here's my story: I'm an American living in the Philippines. I'm 45 years old and run successful internet businesses (I can live anywhere as a result). My previous home was in the Northwest part of Vegas (Ann Rd & Ft. Apache). I'm a health nut and thus my reason for living here in Philippines where's there's lots of non-factory farmed fruits and veggies. I have a friend that has turned me onto metal detecting and I truly got the gold fever now! I just bought the Tesoro Lobo SuperTraq and it's waiting for me in Vegas when I arrive this weekend. And, I'm so looking forward to going nugget hunting. I have some great ideas on some locations and I'll be sure to post my finds (if any) here on the forum with pics. I'm spending a day at a claim down in Congress, AZ getting trained on how to use the Lobo this coming Wednesday, Feb 9th. February 28th is when I'm headed back to the Philippines to try my luck here. I've been reading tons of history on this place and wow, this place is loaded with gold methinks! Lots of active volcano's, lots of seismic activity and many rushing creeks coming off the mountains. It's the exact opposite of Arizona/Nevada as far as terrain. This place is lush tropical. I heard in the old days, the natives use to trade gold for salt, pound for pound. Unbelievable! Nah, I'm not looking for that old Yamashita treasure stuff, though I wouldn't mind running into a stash of gold that some Japanese dude buried minutes before the U.S. bombed their butts. The best part about prospecting in the Philippines is that most of this is virgin territory. Very few, if any, metal detectors here. If anyone would like to join me anytime this month (February) while I'm in the U.S. prospecting Nevada/Arizon, please message me. I'll love to have a partner to help show me the ropes. Cheers everyone! Steven
  3. Heads up guys! Two separate Tesoro Lobo SuperTraq detector auctions going cheap on eBay. Closing in the next day. It looks like they'll go cheap (between $350-$400 is my guess). JUST DON'T BID UNTIL THE LAST SECOND SO THAT YOU CAN GET THE BEST PRICE. IF YOU BID EARLY, YOU ARE ASKING FOR A BIDDING WAR AND PRICE MAY SKYROCKET. -
  4. hand held gps

    I just bought the Archos 5 two days ago and it arrived today. Still unopened. It's an Android OS, so any compatible apps including Google Earth will work, however, I think it has its own sweet GPS system that is superior to Google Earth. I'll report back in a few days. Also, the unit has 500Gb of storage capacity. I can store all my movies, pictures, music in one spot. I got it for $239 shipped a couple days ago at an Amazon sale:
  5. hand held gps

    I just bought a 5-inch Android tablet with full GPS capabilities. I wanted something easy to use, portable and also can serve as my video/music player and browse the internet when I'm in the hills. It can tether to my cell phone and ride off it's data plan to gain access to the net when I'm in the field. Here's the information link:〈=en
  6. No handicaps! We must go by appearance only. No homework, nada. We just happened to drop in and the detector fell into our hands... where would we go?
  7. I'm a newbie, but I'll start this off: I would choose to run my metal detector at "L" due to being a side of a creek. Secondly, I would hike up to those hills and choose "B" and prospect the tributaries.
  8. Here's a fun question for the more experienced detectorist. =)) Let's say you approach this new area and you were allowed to detect anywhere in the picture below. Which areas would be your two top choices and why? In other words, where's the highest probable location of finding some nuggets?
  9. When scanning the ground and your detector alerts over a rock, how do you know to dismiss it as a hot rock versus investigating further to see if its a meteorite? Sorry for the dumb question, but I'm trying to learn as much as I can before my first gold nugget detecting outing next week on Rich Hill, Arizona in the Weaver Mountains. -