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  1. Man those look like Chris nuggets , nice 7000 finds thanks for sharing Rob.... Dave
  2. Happy Birfday Frank !!!
  3. Horrible situation to be in, almost like the movie The Revenant with Leonardo Dicaprio... Thanks for sharing Rob Dave
  4. Seeing the scale goes to 500 grams, I'm gonna say 499 grams Rob

    You could have stumbled on pegleg smiths lost gold, they were black nuggets...nice finds. Dave
  6. Good to hear it was a fun time Rob.... Would be cool if Minelab would release info/ code so other companies like Coiltek, ect could make an aftermarket coil for the 7000. Is the new gold detector Minelab Monster going to be a VLF do you think? Thanks, Dave

    Peglegs lost gold ??? Black Nuggets... Congrats on the nice find. Dave
  8. Hi Rob, Looks like an XRF gun/ analyzer , such as an Olympus, or Niton , hopefully these items get cheaper to buy in the future.... Dave
  9. Tortuga, Franconia has both meteorites, and I have seen some big gold pulled out of there also.... I believe a forum member here has found a nice multi ouncer nugget in the Franconia area... get out there and get some Dave.
  10. Hi Rob, You should get a-hold of the company and see if you could become a dealer, I believe the company is in San Diego. Could benefit a lot of people. Dave.
  11. Nice Move Doc.... you did a great job on the old office... Hope you like your new neighborhood and place... Dave.
  12. Selling gold

    I know a few folks belong to gold/ prospecting facebook/ social media pages, that sell gold raffles. They sell 10 raffles for around $8-10 each for a gram of gold, plus the winner has to pay for shipping. That gives you around $80-$100 a gram, and they sell out fast.... thats around $2800 an ounce, not bad if you are into that !!!!
  13. Rob, have you seen this comparison video by JasonG? GPZ VS Evolution Coil Video
  14. Giant Gold Nugget or What?

    What a waste of a video.....thinking this was a whopper, even bringing in the backhoe... Dave.
  15. What to do???

    I've seen some people on youtube post night hunts, any association? If you know who they are, have you messaged them privately and warned them to not tresspass? Dave