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  1. Dang! Thats a lot of Pyrite. Be interesting to hear if there is any gold on it. Cool finds Tom H.
  2. Gpz 19 dinks

    Nice Justin! Glad your getting out more. Finding gold also That rock next to the gold reminds me of a Rib eye steak. Now im hungry.. Tom H.
  3. Well, gold monster gold anyway Dad, a friend and I went out yesterday and did some detecting/vacuuming I was able to detect the single piece with the gold monster. Its pretty incredible how it will balance out the hot ground but still hear gold. Other pics are from the areas I sucked up and ran through the trommel. Saw a walking stick bug! And my lame attempt at hand stacking...... Great day out, weather is getting nicer by the day!!!!!! Tom H.
  4. Finally some meat

    DOOD!!! Thats a awesome score there WTG. Nice nug, congrats Tom H.
  5. 3 grams

    Well nuts....put it in some pool acid for a while and you might be surprised how it looks Put it in a baking soda/water bath after the acid also. Tom H>
  6. January is good! But I think we are past 2017 FAT FINGER! Tom H.
  7. 3 grams

    Sweet! WTG Justin Glad you were able to get away from work and get out. Tom H.
  8. Rob: Ive been using one to get familiar with it for Dad. Mainly got it so he would not have to bend down and dig so much trash. The disc. works pretty good. It works really well in mineralized soil and seems to ignore most ironstone unless its a real dense one. No squawking and squabbling like the GB2 Picks up #9 bird shot very well Ive found a couple of pretty small pieces of gold with it. When I saw one of the pieces I couldnt believe it heard it...but it did Its a great little machine and really easy to use. Tom H.
  9. WOW!....you really knocked it out of the park And its a beaut!!! Congratulations. Glad you got them. Tom H.
  10. Yup..been there done that Got a 1 grammer from a trib running into Lynx creek. It was right under a piece of lead bullet. There is a lot of trash in that area but there is gold also. Tom H.
  11. Thats a cool vid. Layed back and fun Seems like a easy going guy. Tom
  12. YOWSA!!! Those are some nice clunkers Fantastic that the guy is over it. Like you say..................its still out there. Just got to go out and get it What is the dark thing by his right pinkey? Tom H.
  13. Its mining equipment....its gonna get beat up I am one with the YOTO...I have touched/repaired/replaced pretty much everything on it.....we are one I feel the YOTO when we go out................ and it HURTS! Tom H.
  14. Good story Rob...on both ends. How to prepare and how to not be prepared Back in the 80s I had to leave dad at the camp when the Bendix gear shattered on the ol 76 Jeep Pick up (auto trans or I would have pushed it) . I hiked out bout 5 miles with the starter on my shoulder....was only 21 at the time.....Got someone to get me to a phone and he came and got me. Fixed the starter the next day, got back to dad in the Baja bug and we went home. But............we had plenty of supplies to be able to do that. After that I carried a extra bendix in the glove box and never needed it Now days. I carry lots of extra food/water supplies/ tools/parts/wire/tape/ whatever!!! Just to get me back out. Heres a couple of fixes over last year that got me out Broken idler arm....baling wire and rope....broken rear spring...block of wood! Got to get creative to get out sometimes. Tom H.
  15. Oh brother! Some people never cease to amaze me That road from Crown King to Lake pleasant is tough for 4x4s and hes taking a SUV on it? Without any supplies? ARG! Tom H.