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  1. This is why we dont play around mine shafts kids. Tom H.
  2. Nice find! Weather is getting nicer now.....time to hit the hills! Tom H.
  3. oldies1955

    Rob, hows your Dad Doing?

    Glad to hear hes on the mend. Keep us updated! I was hoping nothing was wrong due to the lag in response. Tom H.
  4. oldies1955


    Heck of a nice find Gary ...............sun baker or water baker...its all good Nice score! Tom H.
  5. Had a really great 4 days back in the hills looking for gold. Met up with some great friends around Dewey/Humboldt area. There is a lot of gold in this spot but unfortunately.....none of us could seem to get our detectors over it??? Oh well. That is why its called prospecting and not picking up gold We had a blast. Thurs night the rain dumped on us. It got down to about 70F and we all just sat under our canopies soaking it in feeling sorry for the folks in the city. Pretty cool to see normally dry washes flowing. Next two days were kind of muggy though BLAH.... The hand stack in the pic was 3 feet high and about 20 ft long. Someone put a heck of a lot of work in that area..Ate a lot of good food, made new friends and reminisced a lot. The view was AWESOME from camp. Just had a really good time out of the PHX furnace.My cool find was a old shot gun shell base made from 1860-1930s Enjoy!!!!
  6. oldies1955

    Prayers Needed for Mother-in-Law

    Im sorry for the loss of your mother in law. But am really happy about your dad. Tell him to make sure he carries his "heart" pillow with him everywhere. Tom H.
  7. oldies1955

    Prayers Needed for Mother-in-Law

    Dern Rob...srry to hear this. Will definitely be praying for them and your side of the family also. Hang in there! Tom H.
  8. Hey Gary: I know of spots...but they are other guys spots and I wont go to them unless they are with me. I do have some areas Ive been scoping out close to Poland junction I want to try. Also, we are going to be camping at the camp ground where we were last year the weekend of 26-29 July. Fire restriction should be off by then. Hopefully some idiot doesn't burn the place down again! We should try and get together in a few weeks if you want? Tom
  9. Nice Rob! Was out last week..skunkster. Was getting pretty warm on the last wash. Going to be scaling back on the hunting here in the desert and try to go up north more. Tom
  10. Wow! Great find. Looks solid enough to slice it and make jewelry out of it. Tom H.
  11. oldies1955

    Nice day out

    Rolled down or scrubbed in its spot...donno...didnt find anything up or below it. I sure went slow all around it...but, nothing else...good ol one nugget wash Tom H.
  12. Wow! Talk about a perfect day for detecting? It was really nice out there. Hit an area we got two dinks from about 4 yrs ago. Wash got moved around a bit, and we were able to find this little fat guy. 1.2 grams. Not much of a story. Only down about 3 or 4 inches. It did give a very weird signal. Kind of a broken high/low. Like a piece of small wire. Dont know why. Its fat and solid. Maybe the ground or something???? Tom H.
  13. Well heck! Nice scores Rob. Yah, down time will take its toll. Seems it takes me 4 or 5 times after the summer to get back into the "swing" of things. I just hook the bungee up right away now days. Nice slug Tom H.
  14. Dern nice gold Rob! Solid chunks too Actually, not to bad out there right now Tom H.