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  1. Hang in there Rob....will keep praying. Tom H.
  2. WTG on the gold! Nice looking. Sounds like you got a nice set up with a pistol and a rifle for finding gold. Each one has their advantages/disadvantages. Just got to use them for what they are good for. Good luck to ya Tom H.
  3. Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    Still praying Rob. Dang old guys are stubborn!!!!! Make him wear it. Old guys think they are invincible and still young but in reality....NOT... im almost there Take charge and keep things in order. Hang in there. Tom H.

    Nice nuggets I had to punch the coords in just to see what wild goose chase you gave......little too hot there for me! Tom H.
  5. Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    Rob: He will be ok. Today's medicine along with prayers working together are awesome. Dad had a 5 way bypass at 79 yrs old. He had a fantastic Doc. do it. He had 3 arteries 90% plugged, one at 70 and one at 50. I dont know how he was still walking but he was....these old guys are tough! Its a little rough at first and he will have to carry a pillow around on his chest for a few weeks, but its worth it....just ask Dad. If you need info on the Doc. just let me know and I or Dad will get it to you. Still praying for all of you. Feel free to call me if you want. 623-979-8272 Gonna be out in the hills tomorrow for a bit. Tom H.
  6. Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    YES!!!!!!! Thats great Rob.Thank God for modern medicine and what the Docs know. Thanks for the update. Will continue to pray for you all. Tom H.
  7. Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    Will definitely be praying for your dad and family! Hang in there bud. Tom H.
  8. WTG Rod...yup..............the monster will sniff those little guys out in minerised ground. Keep it up! Tom H.
  9. Might try PMing Boulderdash. He uses a electric one all the time. Tom H.
  10. Nice slugs Rob I got you all beat.....got a .8 grammer yesterday Tom H.
  11. Finally a good day!

    All right! Thats a nice klunker Its amazing the oddball stuff you find in washes. Bet your heart skipped a few beats when you saw the gold coin Nice finds. Tom H.
  12. Me too! We wont consider it bragging. We asked to see more pics I know I if I had found it, it would have been the most photographed nugget on earth. Tom H.
  13. Read it, don't need to read it again. In good shape. Great book for an in depth explanation of the Rich Hill area. $45 Located in the PHX. area (peoria) Thanks Tom H.