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  1. Fish......... I kind of do the same thing. If I find gold in a area, I research it, look for some of the same geology and POUND the ground Some times it works...other times not. But I will say, I have found gold in totally unlikely regions in the lower desert. IE: volcanics that were a real pain in the neck to detect. (Dont know what happened back in the dinosaur days) So, I kind of just hit ever thing and if it turns up YE HAH!! Tom H.
  2. Hope it all works out for you Rob. Great trade off on that guys part! Federal charges, prison, always looking over his shoulder, wondering about knock on the door, and a detector that is serially tracked that he cant get rid of... .....all for 5800 bucks? Yup smooth move bud Tom H.
  3. Dern Rob...srry to hear this. Will keep a eye open for it. Tom H.
  4. Justin....have you tried craigslist? Most of us are too scared of that thing! Tom H.
  5. Cool! at least you got a nice one :). There is a "lost" gold find in the area I frequent. Im always looking for a certain type of terrain on the side of a mountain. Glad you were able to get out. Tom H.
  6. Nice! Sounds like you have a lot more ground to cover now that you found it on the hillside Got to have one long leg and one short for hillside hunting though. WTG on the gold. Tom H.
  7. Huntin the Yeller

    WTG Rockpile Thats a really nice patch for sure. Tom H.
  8. Really good day

    I know there is more up there...but you have to be willing to hike and bleed a lot with all the gol dern catsclaw! But its worth it Tom H.
  9. Really good day

    Oh yah....that's the plan I had to meet Luke at a certain time at the bottom so I did not spend much time up there. But I did see that it was very minerized with trumpet plants, that are not seen much in the area. Looks juicy for detecting Tom H.
  10. Went out with a friend yesterday to hit an old area. The main wash has been really good to us in the past but I wanted to concentrate on the upper tribs that fed it. My buddy went up one of the tribs and I went down....luck of the draw..I got 3, 2+ grammers and a small one. The first fat one was a reverse signal at first....so dig em all..........Decided to hop over to another trib that ive been up about 4 yrs ago and didnt get anything. It was a long one and I was fighting the urge to go somewhere else before going all the way to the top of this one. Well, I climbed, hiked, detected to the top of the mountain and about 20 yrds short of the top, I get a real nice 3.8 gram specie, and its rough. Great, now I have to go back up there and hunt the hill sides! Just a little over 1/3 oz. Tom H.
  11. But.............you have been blessed since then with a monster specie U da man Tom H.
  12. Gpz 19

    WTG on the gold and also on your tenacity to find it! Looks to me with your dedication and what your doing....if its big and deep, your going to find it! Good luck to you. Tom H.
  13. A Few More From Down South

    Nice little guys WTG. Had that happen...kind of..... Detected a nail and when I was scratching trying to find it I started to see some small yellow. I knew I found a pocket as it was so loud. Yah, a nail pocket! Even took video of it....now I laugh at it. You can have a laugh too. Tom H. Tom H.