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  1. oldies1955

    Prayers Needed for Mother-in-Law

    Dern Rob...srry to hear this. Will definitely be praying for them and your side of the family also. Hang in there! Tom H.
  2. Hey Gary: I know of spots...but they are other guys spots and I wont go to them unless they are with me. I do have some areas Ive been scoping out close to Poland junction I want to try. Also, we are going to be camping at the camp ground where we were last year the weekend of 26-29 July. Fire restriction should be off by then. Hopefully some idiot doesn't burn the place down again! We should try and get together in a few weeks if you want? Tom
  3. Nice Rob! Was out last week..skunkster. Was getting pretty warm on the last wash. Going to be scaling back on the hunting here in the desert and try to go up north more. Tom
  4. Wow! Great find. Looks solid enough to slice it and make jewelry out of it. Tom H.
  5. oldies1955

    Nice day out

    Rolled down or scrubbed in its spot...donno...didnt find anything up or below it. I sure went slow all around it...but, nothing else...good ol one nugget wash Tom H.
  6. Wow! Talk about a perfect day for detecting? It was really nice out there. Hit an area we got two dinks from about 4 yrs ago. Wash got moved around a bit, and we were able to find this little fat guy. 1.2 grams. Not much of a story. Only down about 3 or 4 inches. It did give a very weird signal. Kind of a broken high/low. Like a piece of small wire. Dont know why. Its fat and solid. Maybe the ground or something???? Tom H.
  7. Well heck! Nice scores Rob. Yah, down time will take its toll. Seems it takes me 4 or 5 times after the summer to get back into the "swing" of things. I just hook the bungee up right away now days. Nice slug Tom H.
  8. Dern nice gold Rob! Solid chunks too Actually, not to bad out there right now Tom H.
  9. Got out with dad and hit some new areas. Nothing to show for in them. Went back into backwards wash with the GM1000. This area is really hard on VLFs, but, the monster ran very smooth and quite. As long as you ground balance it correctly. It did sing on some hot rocks and ironstone, but those are easily kicked aside. We have hit this area a lot. Even gridded it/raked/dug it with the GB2/GBpro and PI. Well, lo and behold, I got the bigger one about 1 1/2 foot up the bank of a small drainage and the small one was up on a hill side. 1.2 grams on the bigger one. Seems the monster, being able to run quite , sniffed it out. Dont know it it was on edge or what. But I got it Great day out with dad and we were blessed with yellow stuff Tom H.
  10. Gold monster does pretty dern good in hot ground. Just might not shoot as deep? Tom H.
  11. Rob: They actually dont really touch the heart. With dad, they took a vein out of his thigh, cut pieces of it and simply bypassed the blocked arteries. Its a re-rout around the blocked area. I can understand your dads concerns though. Still praying Tom H.
  12. oldies1955

    LSD camp out

    Thanks. Its easy... Break off the hard ends on the rear of the asparagus, put them in a freezer bag with about a half cup of water, put in some McCormicks MONTREAL Seasoning, let it marinade in the fridge for a day or so, put them on a plate, drizzle with olive oil, shake some more seasoning on them and grill to perfection Tom H.
  13. oldies1955

    LSD camp out

    Massive stress Relief ! Great to just get out and kick back, have fun with friends...gold or no gold. Remember you said this.......your invited to the next one.............Mid July, Eugene gulch area, Around Poland Junction. Tom H.
  14. Got back in one piece from a great camp out up around LSD. Perfect detecting weather! Saw some cool things.....Wire/wood ladder for a mineshaft, doubledecker cacti, old handstack, 90+ miles of dirt road! Dad and James scored a couple of dinksters, I got skunked. Found some cool things though, 45 cal. and a 10 guage shotgun shell base in some tribs that I need to go back to. Got some more trash from them so they have not been hit Hard to find washes like that in the LSD area. Found a seed pod that had to make a bird out of Great food and friends. Had a blast. Tom H.