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  1. At Gold Basin until Thursday

    Fred Thank you so very much for the advice I talked with Chris not 100% sure yet but keeping the X 705 might be a big possibility. I told him I wouldn't have a problem with that...
  2. At Gold Basin until Thursday

    Oldies thank you so very much I appreciate that.. I do enjoy the relic hunting a lot I am in no way saying I won't go out nugget hunting again. I most definitely will because I love to go and hang out with Chris. I go and dig all his targets lol just like I know he will go with me when I relic hunt as he has stated he enjoyed going with me to the beach doing detecting. So I think it will all work out great in the end for both of us no matter what we will spend a good fun time with each other... ; ) agin thank you all for all of the advice it is most appreciated!
  3. At Gold Basin until Thursday

    Hendo, It's not that I am or want to give up on those machines... I just like doing the coin,relic and jewlery hunting and was looking to get a machine that would better suit that type of metal detecting... I am not sure the 705 will do that for me... I have already tested the gold bug pro out on it and unfortunately there was no way for me to descriminate the trash from the good targets with it.. I had to dig every last little noise it made... I have yet to be able to test the 705 out on it... I just know I want to have a machine I can use for the relic stuff and still be able to go out with Chris on his trips for nugget hunting... I am very easily disappointed when it comes to stuff and I guess this is what has happened with the nugget hunting I have been going out for a long while now with Chris and have watched him and others pull nuggets out of the ground he even got a little meteorite out of gold basin.... I again for the ummm teenth time walked away with nothing. I know that you can find more gold and silver doing the coin, relic and jewlery hunting which is why I have leaned more towards that type of detecting.. I mean it's like I told Chris it's sad when I have more fun metal detecting and digging up our front yard than I do going out to supossed gold bearing places... I just don't know what to do I guess.. Thank you for your advice though it is much appreciated...
  4. At Gold Basin until Thursday

    Just wanted to stop in and say, That I absolutely had fun at gold basin minus the heat and tire issue... it was good to get away from Cali for a few days. I absolutely enjoyed meeting Frank C and his wife two of the nicest people I have met. Frank thank you so very much for your hospitality and knowledge you shared with Chris and I. I am defintely looking forward to going back and hanging out with you guys again. I was just really bummed that I spent 26 hrs in 3 days on foot with Chris in the heat and I did not find so much as a fragment of a meteorite or gold.. I know it takes patience and time but after almost two years I think its been going out with Chris in SO MANY different places and I have yet to fine so much as my first little nugget... Its kinda wearing on me especially here in Cali all I dig is bullets. Gold Basin was awesome such a clean place I did NOT dig any trash there. In fact there was a few times I had to check my dectector because I would go so long with out a target that I started thinking something was wrong with my detector.... LOL But all in all it was a great stay in Arizona and I am anxious to go back in the fall or winter when it is much much cooler!
  5. Is it really a bad thing?

    Well I was utterly and completely unaware that this happened to you babe. But I think I am 100% positive I know who this dealer was and as long as I have anything to do with the decisions of purchasing prospecting equipment we will NEVER buy from this dealer again I don't care how good the deal is. I too am a firm believer in giving good customer service if you treat me like crap I don't care if your giving me something for free you will not get my business. On a good note I may not be able to as active as you are in all the prospecting stuff I.E going out and playing or being able to get on here and chat with everyone, but I know I do enjoy doing it all when I can. I have not had the pleasure or opportunity to meet some of the people you know on here, But I enjoy hearing about your dealings with them. I can tell you guys that Chris enjoys his prospecting very much, but he also enjoys being on here and knowing, meeting and talking to all of you. He has had nothing but great things to say about everyone on here. Rob all I know about about you is the few conversations and kind words you have shared with me on here and all the great stories and conversations Chris tells me you guys have. I do know you are a good guy, a GREAT business man and from what I can tell a dedicated family man. I want to thank you personally for all the great advice, service, conversations, hospitality and friendship you have shared with Chris and I. I am very very excited and anxious as well to meet you in person FINALLY next month as I will be with Chris when he goes to Arizona. It is a trip the whole family is anticipating and looking forward to. As well as a much needed and deserved break for us all. So again thank you very much for everything. I do hope your wrist is healing and coming along for you As to everyone else who has had dealings with Chris and I ( you all know who you are ) I want to send a big thank you to all of you as well, and hopefully one day I will meet you guys as well. Until then everyone " HAPPY HUNTING "
  6. Can't wait!

    I know I am I said sorry... LOL Thats what happens when you leave yourself signed in .....
  7. Can't wait!

    Sorry guys! I have been slacking coming on again with work and all. Dutch John thank you for the info I appreciate it very much and will try to look into the tips you gave me. I try to get out when I can. Just kind of sucks for me because I work on weekends and that is when most people go out and hang out and detect, drywash, sluice and so on.... So I take what I can get for the most part... I think the most enjoyable part for me is meeting new people who are nice and fun to hang with such as yourselves. It is a pleasure for me when I get to meet all the nice wonderful people on here. So again thank you guys so very much for the wonderful hospitality.. LOL sorry for the double post the post above is actually by me I did not realize Chris was signed in on here on my computer..
  8. Can't wait!

    Rob I am most definitely gonna try to be on here more often. As I enjoy talking to everybody.. You are more than welcome for the kind words thank you for being a great person and helping Chris out and befriending us... It is much appreciated! I am hoping to meet you in person someday and maybe do some hunting with you.. ; )
  9. Happy Birthday! my friend hope you have a great day with lots of friends, family and of course some good hunting... ; )

  10. Hello Steve... We're back!!! sure do miss ya! : )

  11. Anxious, Living for the hunt! : )

  12. Can't wait!

    Well we are finally able to start slowly getting back in to prospecting after having to take a break due to events happening that were completely out of our hands! I am excited to get back in to the groove of things and start meeting new people and getting in touch with old friends. I also want to take a moment to thank the people on here who were and have been nice enough to help my hubby ( Chris Coffee ) and myself with very useful advice, great deals on products, or just flat being great people and good friends. ( Grubstake, NuggetHunting, T-Bone, El Dorado ) to name a few sorry. I know I have probably left some names out I do not know the names of everyone who has helped out or been there, But you know who you are and I thank all of you for your kindness and generosity to us. Can't wait to eventually meet all of you and be able to do some hunting and share good times. Til then happy hunting my friends!
  13. Geology Question

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ROCKS!!!!! lot's n lot's of smooth shiny rocks.
  14. Off Subject - Vitamin C Intake?

    I unfortunately am not on any vitamin regimens all though I know I should be, but when I do take vitamin C I take the emergenC 1000 mg powder packs. They seem to work not sure if it is enough though. I agree with Grub if your wife is a nurse ask her if she does not know I am sure she can find out.
  15. Border Patrol

    I think I have to agree with oldies, it was probably a secondary reason. Good thing is they obviously had no grounds to issue a ticket which is why you didn't get one. Adam I did not see in Deserts first post where he was getting upset, maybe I missed something? But I do agree that they are just doing their job even if they are just being nosy. You never know until you look,ask... and so on. I would say unless it becomes a regular thing they do to you just take it with a grain of salt this time. Good luck on your future hunts.