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  1. Where is Crazy Pete?

    Yeah, never actually been for a swing at Avoca but always wanted too after a bloke years ago told me a few tales Mainly done the top of the GT in the past and done ok up that way so it'll be good to walk some new dirt, bit sick of the WA dry bush and megga distances "1200 km" or more round trip to have a swing ... Good luck out there Roo Bein close to Avoca area puts ya in some good areas thats for sure Pete
  2. A good day out.

    Nice Slugs there Roo Some top piccies too mate and yeah that wallaby is the fatest ive ever seen. That surfaced area looks real familiar to me, reckon ive been around the area many years ago in your pics above, nice lookin country that is.. Pete
  3. Where is Crazy Pete?

    Cheers guys for the welcome back Been some nice gold found by you mob since last here so a big well done on that score. Roo - Thought i recognized your style of writing from somewhere on the Oz forums and yeah im comin over to good old Vic for a week 29th-5th Jan to catch up with the little lady and will be havin a scratch in the Wombat ranges just east of Ballarat then up to Avoca for a go in the thick scrub east of town, you around any of them areas ?? Tom - great to hear you n Dad are still doin well both health wise and on the gold :) Ive written Santa a letter, asked him to put a nugget in all of your chrissy stockings :) So you better be good little Boys & Girls hahaha.. Pete
  4. Where is Crazy Pete?

    Lookout!! he's back Haahaha, hide your beer and daughters Been a bit of a hard slog but i'm on the up n up again finally Was a few nasty rude buggers on the Aus forums that peeved me a bit so i just went under ground for a while to get me head over em all.. The gold still makes me quiver, and so does me new Lady Love iv'e found. Lovely Gal from Vic Aus and she also has the passion for geo/gold so its a win win for us both Now to spend a few days catching up on all your posts on here, bet there's been some unreal gold found by you lot 41c here today so it's beers and forum day. HH to yaz all, and may your pans be golden and your peckers be big.... "Whoops" i meant "Pickers" hahahaha.. CP
  5. No nugget will be safe!

    Ahh ya gotta go the Ozzie way Tom Old postie bike with knobbly'S mate lol But yeah mate, what a great deal one the 2 bikes Lookin at over 2G over here in WA for that couple. Just the words RM get me goin haha i had a RM80 as a kid and man that was fun, very ballsy
  6. Two Toms day in the hills

    Next time 2Toms, we all get skunked now n then but at least you got to head out for the day with dad and chance your luck HH Pete PS reccomend the lucky diapers next trip for good luck hahaha
  7. G'day Jeff Just to follow on from Robs Post on pinpointers, the main reason i use a pinpointer is to acurately locate a deep nugget. Many times on a deep dig you will go past the target thats hiding in the side wall of your hole and dig in the hardpack for no reason, the pinpointer saves heaps of digging in this scenario. Pete
  8. Avalibility of the Glod Bug Pro?

    Steve, your spot on there about the over inflated prices on plastic crappy throw ins. Kelly Co have a Tardy name over here in Oz also. Be like buying a ML from a chinese Ebay dealer
  9. Truck wash gives some up

    Good onya Tom, hope dad got a couple also. Pete
  10. They can hide, but can't run!

    Well done Lucky & Doc, and yeah they are a red hot little sniffer coil Another "Must have" is the 17x11 NFA now there's a nice piece of kit and worth every $$ too. Pete
  11. Thanks Tom, great video mate and again a lovely nugget as reward Pete
  12. Nice haul there Tom and Pops, love that flat gold mate... BTW your video link wouldn't work for me Tom ? Pete
  13. Well, it was damn hot up at Cue over last weekend, could only detect from 4.30am through to 11am (43c) and at it's peak in the arvos it was 48c haha did we drink cold beers ? you bet but only after the main heat was gone, rest of the time it was water. Not a lot of gold was got with 13 small nuggies to me, and my mate Pete got 7 and Johnno got 4 i think. Time for a break in the cool for a month i reckon and then get back out there.. Carms - I also found a nice little leader last season and after detecting the top of it at 12 inches i cheselled off the cap specimen stone and re buried it and way pointed it, might get back this season and jackhammer it out, there's a bloke up in Meeka that has a small mill and will put a crush through for ya.. Pete
  14. Couple of beauties there Local Digger Pete
  15. Cheers Carms Ya gotta get your hands on that "Natures Botanical" fly cream mate, it's the Only thing that actually gets rid of all flys, the Leo Information shop has it $22.. For sure Carms would be great to catch up mate and have a scratch.. Looking like 42c - 44c this week up at Cue, i'll be doing the siesta in the arvo and then working it up until 1 or 2 am like usual in the summer.. Pete