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  1. 2.5 days at Rich hill

    Tom & Old Tom; Great adventure, the "older Folks struck again", way it should be. Looks great, glad all had a good time. Still jealous, but the first of the year I should?? be able to go back out. Glad all went well with the time and adventure Dutch
  2. Got a few more today

    If you wern't such a nice guy Tom I would make some remark about Chhese to go with the Whine--but your too nice to do that. Great hunting, and apparently Dad is gettin galong well?? Dutch
  3. Coyotes are curious, but normally not aggressive. Being nocturnal, you see less of them in the daylight hours. Where I live in Sun City West, AZ. we see them in our yards several times a week. They live here in peace with the golfers and enjoy the "rabbit stew" that is more than plentiful. Growing up here on a ranch in Wickenburg we shot them and humg them on the fence to ward off others. NOT allowed to do that here, that is for sure. Beware of them when seen regullarly in daylight hours as they do have a rabies issue and that is one sign of the disease. Dutch
  4. Went to the show today---seems to me that the few "regulars" are setting up larger displays, and less of the smaller vendors--probab;y because of costs per blocks of space........The Gold Lady had what seems like a much larger sales area-or I am forgetful---And prices are up---No suprise there-----worth three hours just to dream------- Dutch
  5. Tom; Appreciate the kind words, and all the offers and advice. Hope to be "more mobile" by late Oct or Nov. Am hopefully over the worse. Time will tell. As I tell everbody, it may have kicked my butt, but is sure the he!! didn" whup it yet!! At least 50% is in your mind and the rest hopefully the Dr's or The Almighty will help with. Have a good day, say hello to your Dad, and I look forward to seeing all later this year........Might find it helpful to take you up on that ride----- Dutch
  6. OOOOOPPSS--------Gold Basin not Gold Hill----what is the new buzz term?? My Bad. Dutch
  7. Tom & Old Tom; Sure is right, need that "outdoor enviroment" to de-stress. Have not been out of prospecting now for also 7 months (minor health issue), went today and bought some equipment from Prospector62 just to "Feel Good" until I can hit the fields this fall. Only been out twice since I last saw you two at the Gold Hill outing. TOOOO darn long. And my wife is MORE than willing for me to get well and "Go Away" for awhile!! Dutch
  8. Quadzimoto lives!

    Tom; Please clairify-is that pot/helmet/head covering device one of your before or after chroming projects? Dutch
  9. Got some yellow!

    Tom; Great results, congrats-------beats a few flakes from the trommel at Gold Basin by a LOT-! Good luck in finding more Dutch
  10. 1 ton gold coin

    Agreed, but if you give it to OBAMA-ding, he will waste it on the "Expensive Lady"? we already support, AND want more
  11. Rob; Best of wishes and a prayer from Barb & myself for Grandma Helen and adding Scott to those prayers. I will ask my brother, Reverend Melvin H. to also add both to his services. Best of thoughts and if so deemed proper by the Almight, both will get well Dutch39 SCWAZPILOT
  12. Make tht +2-----I am not only impressed, I am nauesated-------the next election cannot come too soon------but beware the "getting somoething for nothing" crowd that like his sharing and entitlement programs" - !!
  13. Bless you Doc for you understand what I was trying to say in a short few sentences. We as a country need to re-establish our standards and responsibilities. I had up to 200 employees at a time, on several construction projects, some in the ten western states and some around the world. You pegged my problems with your analysis. GREAT JOB AND WELL SAID
  14. Hopefully SOON-We have become a land of Sheeple, too lazy to work for a living at honest hard labor, too willing to turn our backs and have the illegals do it for us. We do not have much personal pride in ourselves and that is destroying our once proud nation. Perhaps the "older generation" among us can keep our act together and help the wayward recover before it is too late. This great nation is slowly sinking into quicksand. Being a "proud AZ country boy", these observations make me cry at times. God bless this country and let us stand tall again Dutch39-------SCWAZPILOT