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  1. I have one of Bill's systems. Works perfect. I bought one of the Eureka Worx covers and asked him to sew a pouch into the bottom of it for Bill's battery. Great setup. The battery fits under the detector and the amp fits in the side pocket. If I wish, I can use an external speaker and be completely detached from the detector. The reason I went this route was due to a trip I took to a remote spot in AK this last summer. I needed a bunch of batteries for the 2 weeks spent out in BFE. Batteries are cheap and I can get about 9 hours out of one of the 5000 mah battery. I ended up buying 8 batteries and the system performed flawlessly. Bill was fantastic to do business with and very helpful. I have been using this since April, no problems and I have added just under 5 oz to the poke. Kenny
  2. 2.5 OZR

    That's a beaut for sure. Thanks for sharing. Kenny
  3. Cool finds Rob. That is fun when you strike off into the unknown and score some good stuff. I haven't found a copper nugget yet. I know there were a few mines around this area. Thanks for sharing. Kenny
  4. Platypus gold

    Nice bit of gold. Wish I would have had one of those coils in AK this summer. My buddy was finding some pieces in the creek with his GMT. I had nothing to put in the water, bummer. Sure is sad to see the snow coming. What a drag when that white stuff covers up our play ground. Keep up the good work. Kenny
  5. Check out the Joey coil. Pretty handy for getting in tight spaces and really sensitive. It will find some really small bits. I just saw one on sale for $218. Kenny
  6. That hot water trick works too! Been doing that for years, nice to know I was doing something right :-) Kenny
  7. Thanks Flak. Don't get me wrong....I'm very happy for the gold for 2 days. I think I would have had the same results with the 12 x 18 though. I have some more experimenting to do before I can know for sure. The 22 surprised me by picking up the .6 gram piece for sure. I'm sure it will just take some playing around to figure it out. Take care, Kenny
  8. Put in another 10 hours with the 22" yesterday. The gold you see below is the total for 2 days. So far nothing has been deeper than 8" Tried using different timings and working the same areas multiple times. The timing I end up defaulting to is the fine gold timing. It seems to be the most stable and reach the deepest. I can not ground balance with the normal timing, even with the gain below 8. Ground is just too much for it. As I'm sure you guys know, this coil is really sensitive to lifting the edge when swinging. It really likes to be parallel with the ground. Takes a good deal of concentration and coil control to make it happy. It's not very easy to work with and I'm not sure there are any benefits for the location I chose it for. There is quite a bit of brush and tree limbs in the area. Maybe for an area like Rye Patch or in Arizona it would be a little easier to use. Kenny
  9. Wes is right...toxic as hell. At least the poison oak went away before your liver failed! I use a combination of Tea Tree oil and witch hazel. Seems to stop the itch for a while and help dry it up. The good news..those shots should start to work their magic soon. Kenny
  10. Thanks Rob, I actually spent about 10 hours with this coil today. I dug some more slots in my test area and set the 1 oz piece in a slot where I could just barely get a threshold break with the 12 x 18. Then I switched to the 22", I tried many combinations of timings. The normal timing seemed to hot for the ground I was in. I finally settled on fine gold timing. I could get a definite signal using fine gold with the gain at 11, audio deep, stabilizer 8, basically the same settings I run the 12 x 18 at. There was a definite improvement in the signal when switching from the 12 x 18 to the 22". Not as big a difference as I had imagined, but it is a difference. I was able to pull out a couple small pieces from a well beaten patch as well. One is .6 grams pretty much on the surface, more quartz than gold I think. That impressed me that I was able to hear that one. The other one is 2.8 grams from about 6 to 8", very faint signal as well. Your right on the money about move real slow. Anything else and it would give to many false signals. And of course, listening for the faintest changes in the threshold. As I said this is a well worked patch, so there really aren't any good clear signals. I'm sure after I get to use this coil more, I will find some settings to get a little more performance from it. Heck I just bought my first minelab in April, so I'm still learning the ropes. Any advice on settings are always welcome. Thanks, Kenny
  11. Nice work Rob. Thanks for sharing the pic's. Kenny
  12. Sweet trailer. That's goin to be a nice addition to the wheeling adventures. Nice job. Kenny
  13. Well...I went out and played with the CT 22" round mono. I guess I need to spend some more time with it. I took it to a test area I have set up in moderately hot ground. I started off in fine gold. Had to turn the gain down to 8 so the EMI would settle out. Then tried normal timings. Deep etc., etc. I just played around with the settings until I got the best response I could from a 1 oz. nugget. My initial response would be disappointed. I can't seem to get any more depth from the 22" round than I can with the 12 x 18 goldstalker. I'm sure it will take me a bit to figure this out, but so far I'm not sure it was money well spent. Kenny
  14. http://www.gettysburgflag.com/LapelPins.php Took about 30 seconds. Hope this helps. It was cool to find the patriotic goodies in the order, until I saw the made in China. Kind of ruined the whole thing. It is definitely getting very difficult to find goods made is the USA, sometimes impossible. Do I have things not made in the USA? Yes. But I make conscious effort with every purchase. If I can't afford it, I will wait until I can. That's better than paying for something twice when you have to replace Chinese junk. I do not shop at Walmart. Main reason is because I don't agree with their labor practices. They make billions and you and I pay for their employees benefits. They have very few employees that actually get enough hours to qualify for benefits. They do this on purpose. So we end up paying through our taxes. Pretty sweet deal for them, not so sweet for us. The second reason is its all almost all if not 100% imported crap. Enough of this. I'm going prospecting. Kenny