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    hunting, fishing, woodworking, prospecting and having fun.
  1. Hey Doc, Being Italian, the first "target market" I think of is great big fat nuggets, lots of them. I could even have a little fun marketing them!! It is just nice to have a tool that is built tough. In todays manufacturing/products it seems to be just the oppisite. This is why I have purchased your products as well, thanks for your creative designs/products, it has made my time detecting more pleasurable. I look forward to having one of these machines.
  2. Hey Bob, pretty cool that a gold nugget has the shape of a open pit gold mine, WOW mother nature must not of had anything better to do that day and probably wondered if we would see the humor in it.
  3. 5000 at yard sale---

    Thats how I got my 5000, it had been offered in a garage sale for 3 weekends for 1000.00 dollars and no one purchased it, then a friend told me about it and sure enough when I showed up it was still there, go figure. I did give her 2 one ounce gold coins for it when gold was 1850 an ounce, as I knew her and her husband before he had passed. Funny that her husband said he only gave 1500 for it new, uh, ok, I thought.
  4. Yarnell Fire

    God Bless them.
  5. Hey Buddy, The best person in the world will be discredited by some but loved by many, golden rule.
  6. Hey Rob, We know the truth about who you are, oh yeah, when I get lessons on how best to use my 5K I will be happy to pay what ever you charge because finding a half pound of gold for the weekend is something I would like to know how to do.
  7. Short Hunt before the Raffle

    Hey Rob, nice gold. I will get a chance to use the NF coils I got from you. Off to Oregon next week then Arizona to visit my friend in Cottonwood, Thanks again for your help.
  8. I want to thank Rob and family for all the love and energy put forward, Da Bess. Barb, stay strong we are praying for you. I had a run in with hodgkins in 2000 and am now healthy and strong, e-mail me if you would like to know what I think worked to help me through. mariowilliamson@yahoo.com God Bless Mario
  9. Hey Rob, My prayers are with them, you can count me in for 10 tickets buddy, just let me know when.
  10. Now if I were George Washington and a slug that size was next to me, I'd at least smile a little. Good going buddy. Mario
  11. Thanks Jim and Rob for sharing your gold with us, life is precious, thanks for reminding us. God bless you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas Mario
  12. Nice Kyle88, Your one nugget ahead of me, keep up the good work.
  13. Nice Rob, I want one but did not see the solid one like yours on your website, I probably just missed it I will have another look. The real test will be if I could find gold with it cuz we all know that you can find nuggets with a paper plate stuck to the end of a stick.
  14. Happy B-Day Rob, B-it that your another year young and all. Wishing you the best birthday possible all the way from Hawaii.
  15. Show it

    Hey Ray, I have enjoyed all your pics and info and stories glad to see you back on the forum. I will be in southern Oregon soon for elk hunting and a little nugget shooting. One day I hope to meet you maybe a trip to northern ca. is in order this spring. Thanks again for the pics.