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  1. lve2fsh

    Shipping update on the GPZ's

    Hey Doc, long time since I've seen you. I didn't have any gripes about shelling out the money for my 5000 but the $9999 is a little harder to swallow as this time around not as much extra cash laying around. I kept my other 2 cheaper machines but like most of the 5000 I see forsale i would also have to sell mine to even think about the new one.
  2. lve2fsh

    Shipping update on the GPZ's

    Hey Rob I have a question. Are the pre orders coming from current minelab owners or newbies? Just curious which type would be shelling out that much money on the newest machines. I wasn't a detector virgin when I got my 5000 but I did make the jump from a goldbug2 right to the 5000.
  3. I'm a big 38 revolver fan, you can get them cheap and fairly cheap to practice shooting. I have them laying all around the house in case the need shows up. The one that goes into my holster mounted on my detector harness is a stainless colt detective special with a messed up finish, I got it really cheap. Not lightweight but functions no matter how dusty it gets. PS a 357 is a better caliber but the only one I have is to big to carry.
  4. Thanks guys I had a blast and have 100% confidence in my machine now so watch out gold here I come. Hey and only 75 pieces of trash per nugget.
  5. Well I made it to the show and the only thing I got was Chris's book and he signed it for me, thanks Chris. I looked and looked and couldn't find anything to spend my money on. I only detect but if I was dry washing I could have spent some money. I managed to walk by Lucky Joe without noticing him, he commented on my WSPA hat and after telling me who he was a light came on and I recognized him. No wonder I don't find much gold I'm walking around with my head up my ___.
  6. That works for me Chris see you there.
  7. Hey Chris are you bringing any copies of your book down?
  8. "Come here! See these 5 lead pellets?" Then he would throw them, when you can find all 5 of them, I will take you to one of my old patches." Damn that's hardcore learning there. I had a guy up at Rye patch that was going to show me some tips for my gold bug 2. He said here let me get some lead shot and I told him, I have some that I found and he said well if your are finding them then he didn't need to teach me anything. I did stay around and listen to his stories and tips.
  9. I was thinking the same thing that TBone said. Get well soon.
  10. Hey Ron My 5000 instruction manual sits next to my chair/computer/TV and gets read a little everyday. I'm thinking if I read it 100 times I will at least understand the switches.
  11. WORKERS! We have workers at the post office? I go there five days a week and no one works. Well except for me...........I do it all.
  12. lve2fsh

    Minelab headache

    Second the hip stick. 1st time with the 5000, detector only. Next time, the bungee that came with it. Third time, hip stick and Docs qweegee bungee for 3 days and the 15 x12 coil. Back is a little tired but the hip stick makes the detector float in your hand. Won't go out without it. Now to get that damn skunk to stop following me.
  13. lve2fsh

    GPX 5000

    Thanks Bunk Don't forget to bring a hermit pick with you. That one was only 4 inches down but I'm hoping for deeper bigger ones.
  14. lve2fsh

    GPX 5000

    Hey Grubstake must be the day for breakin in a 5000 I spent 6 hours at gold basin today and got 1 piece of gold .6 grams 8 pieces of lead, 2 pull tabs, 1 bottle cap, 1 22 short case, 1 piece of wire, 1 nail and 2 boot tacks