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  1. 3 grams

    Good Stuff !
  2. Thank you Sir !, Yes got out for 1/2 day no color, lots of targets !
  3. Hendo, is the shop in Vegas still in business ?
  4. I understand fully about the part of "not wanting" when your in a precarious position with a retail business. Good Luck with the new location.
  5. Well of course Congrats , an that explains why I would get "no reply" from ph. msgs. etc. !!
  6. O.K. heres my Wild Guess, 333 grams.
  7. Absolutely Fred ! And things are getting better, its been a pretty rough last couple of years. Thanks for asking. See ya soon out there amoungst the cactus an cow patties !!!.
  8. Thank You for making the "connection" for me, much appreciated. Looks like I'll be back in the groove very soon !
  9. Rob , ALSO very important !!!! Fred Mason must make chile verde !! Its the best.
  10. Doug I am trying to get ahold of you don't have your phone number anymore , please call me I want to buy your detector ASAP thanks Frank C. 928 303 8474
  11. DOUG I have been trying to reach you, and can't get ahold of you. I will buy the detector, please call me at 928 303 8474 thank you Frank C.
  12. Thank you guys , just seeing this post !!