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  1. Interesting story. Definitely not the 1st death out there I'm sure. I was witness to 2 other deaths in the Basin area over the past 12 years. Northwest Az. can be a very inhospitable place. And then , there are times when it seems a bit like heaven.
  2. BUMP............... COIL AND COVER REDUCED TO $100.00 AS OF 5/12/18
  3. Congrats !!! Yer right Rob, I'm hoping to get a few days in this week as the temps are supposed to be tumbling for a lil while. Hapy Huntn.
  4. BUMP ===== BUMPO.K. Uncle Marvin sez get this Meteorite Coil to a new owner Lower the price to $100.00 . Brand new never used, cover included. $100..Reply or P.M. here.
  5. frank c

    Little guy from Thurs.

    Great Beepin !!! Hapy Huntn.
  6. frank c

    Going nuts

    Hire an ARMED bodyguard to watch fer bears while ya detect.
  7. Thank you Matt. I don't get out swingin like I used to. Any find is good !
  8. Its nice when they don't fit in the bottle !EVEN when ya use a wide mouth container !New coil NF 13x17 EVO, GPX4500, detailed "tuning" = Arizona GoldNice 8.9 grammer rough an knarly that's the way we like em here ! Been awhile since I was out swingin.Happy St. Paddy's Day !
  9. Rob, "THATS LIFE" , that's why Frank Sinatra made those lyrics famous because they are true. Ridin high in April Shot down in May. Such are the days we live. Best Wishes on Dad's medical situation.
  10. SOLD ============ Whites GMT belt/chest mount Standard coil , Factory manual, carry bag, includes headphonesGMT works well, physically has some scratches and wear.P.M. me here if interested.
  11. I thought u were talking about the older white fiberglass ones with the dashpot/rotary control knob.
  12. No matter where they are from , beautiful character, aging on them. Nice finds.
  13. frank c

    Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    Very Best wishes for a solid recovery. Thoughts are with Wanye and you Rob and the family. Stay strong they will all need you.