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  1. thanks, i talked with chris and were set. i really wish i could have made the trip. but sometimes we have to sacrafice certain things for certain things lol john
  2. gubelube

    Happy Birthday Doc

    happy bday doc john
  3. i sent you a couple pm chris.
  4. the property is in dunn glenn or something like that. john
  5. i have a guy that is needing me to go to his placer mining operation and detect the top soils of his claim and teach him to use the gpx 5000. he will be buying my setup. unfortunately i cant make it cause im now in oklahoma getting ready to work for awhile. this guy owns a huge mining company and they run huge placer mining operations. hes looking to detect the top soil for possible nuggets before they push it away due to possible trash. then they dig and sluice the rest. but there are alot of oppertunity here to get in with a good guy who has properties in nevada and Ca. not looking for someone to just go detect his property. need an experienced gpx 5000 user to teach him to use the machine. hes looking for now. i hate giving up this oppertunity but ill get another chance as ive talked with him about future trips. so if your close and can make a trip or two and help this guy out im sure you will get to find some nice gold. you will have to speak to me then ill give him your info. maybe reno chris would be idea....??? john
  6. where did you order that NEL coil G bone??? i have heard great things on them already. john
  7. gubelube

    GPZ 7000 nuggets

    ill just whisper this so no one else hears.... i can do the beeping and you can do the digging or vise versa..wouldnt want ya getting all fat sittin around with no john
  8. thanks tom, any ideas what would be his best bet on a coil.... we only detect in the randsburg area of Ca and we do go accasionally to quartzite Az. we have access to a trailer there family owns so we use the quartzite metal detectors club claims. i hear the 5 inch and i hear the 6x10. we had a chance when we bought it to get what coil we wanted and he doesnt like a tiny coil, hes learning and doesnt understand that its not all about coverage but patience and just getting over a nugget. but it definately needs to hear it to be able to get it. john
  9. It will screamn on a penny or nickle ect. I will pixk him up a couple used ones as mentioned or maybe at least one of them new before we guve up on it. I wish he would let me get him a used 5000. If i pick up a 7000 ill try and get him to swi gy 5000. He just likes it cause its real light and he has a nad leg so he dont stay on it as long. John
  10. Help.. Went out friday amd did aome beeping. Took my dad and his gold bug pro. He has the big coil the dp coil. For some reaso. We cant get it to pick up my test nugg. I used one that weighs .7 grams. The only way it will even make any kind of signalnis if we turn the gain all the way up. Is it cause this coil isnt very sensitive or is the gb pro a bigger nugg detector. He finds lead amd casings mo prob. Ive read the manual. Tried everything i could. Its just not tuning in to it. Hes not very skilled at detwcting. I got this for him cause it was supposed to be am easy machine and gd on gold. Will getting hom a different coil make a big difference ir should i sellnit and get him that nokta fors gold i see doing well on all sizes. John
  11. Nice dinds rob. Thanks for the update and pics. John
  12. gubelube

    GPZ 7000 nuggets

    Wow. Thsts awesome. Thanks for sharing and posting. John
  13. Im gonna sell the gpx outright or part it out and then buy the gpz. Im not gonna trade and splurge $6k on top. Im sure ill do better like u said amd yes ill be able to get the 15% military. John.
  14. Haha. Im not saying it is doc. But i did read some post that the coil was a major part. Heck if they can put a man in space and vote for obama twice they can do anything lol. Maybe they can make a coil that will work for the 5000 with its own chip. Might need a modiffy it to work who knows. You all never expected tjis gpz to be what it is. Im sure u all knew there would be a better unit but not a super unit with whole new twist lol. John
  15. Im not sure why he asked me to trade. Maybe hes just mot satisfied. I had posted it on craigslist so i could just buy a gpz and be done with it. Maybe he likes that i have a dozen coils amd alot extra with it. But he said he would take what i had and $6k for the 7000. John