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  1. Very Nice.... Congratulations!!
  2. Good morning DiamondBackDave. I have sent you a private message. Thanks, Jimmy
  3. Post edited to reflect the priced reduced to $300.00 OBO
  4. Spring Cleaning the Garage! I have a used Gold Buddy Mini Recirculating Sluice that is compact and can be stored and used in the same bucket. I also have many other items that go with it. Below is the list of items and photos. If you have any questions or would like to see it in person, I live in Goodyear, Arizona. I am willing to ship but it would be at the expense of the buyer and I would not know how much that would be. I would like to get $300.00 OBO for it all. I also have some prospecting books that I will also toss in and any other small items I have prospecting related. I can email or text additional photos if needed. Gold Buddy Mini Sluice Alluvial clean up sluice with bucket 4 month old Stanley Fat MAX 700 battery / air compressor (2) 12 volt submersible water pumps with aluminum brackets 110v submersible water pump to use at home or with generator / RV Prospecting pick Black sand magnet (2) Gold Pans Aluminum backpack frame (3) Bucket screens (1) Aluminum homemade large screen Respectfully, Jimmy
  5. I am looking to buy a small / tiny test nugget that I can use as a signal test when I go out. I mostly hunt in the Prescott, AZ area so a Lynx / Rose Creek nugget would be awesome. Please PM or email me at jrod1101@cox.net with the details if you have one. Detectors I will be testing with are ATX, AT Gold and XP Deus. Respectfully, Jrod1101
  6. Matt, Three posts below, Jennifer has one for sale that is new with lots of extras!
  7. jrod1101

    Park Hunt w/ Orig. Lobo

    I agree......in19kHz!!!!
  8. jrod1101

    Learning my GPX 5000

    Rob, I will be going with Roadrunner's Prospecting Club, I have heard good things about them and once I reach the full amount it is only a mantenance fee which is cheaper than most clubs annual fees. Win Win if you ask me! Thanks, Jimmy
  9. Although no gold, I really enjoyed playing with my new GPX 5000 for a couple of hours. Not belonging to a club yet, I went to Lynx Creek just to get familiar with it in hot ground. Tried the Double D 11" coil to play with the discrimination feature. Set it at 3 and then 5 and still got a few rusty iron pieces but not many (Lynx creek is a very trashy area). I feel the discrimination worked really well for a PI. Had a great time, I am addicted to this machine and cant wait to join a club to go out in a more remote area. Here are a couple of photos of what I found. Many were just whispers when I began so I am sure the detector is working perfect just need to get it over some gold!
  10. jrod1101

    biggest yet

    Very Nice!!!!!
  11. Got up this morning and bumped into my Orig. Tesoro Lobo (20 kHz). I had nothing to do this morning so I went out to the local city park and did some detecting in the tot lot with the Lobo. Didn't find anything exciting but had fun with this Classic!!!!! I quickly remembered how great the discrimination is on this detector, one of the best that I have used. No ID #'s but it didn't matter. Set the discrimination on 4 and proceeded to hunt. Beep and dig! Spent a couple of hours just messing around and realized what a great detector the Original Lobo is and how cool it was to be using a 15 year old detector that worked just as good as when it was new. Thank You Tesoro for a great morning and a product you should be very proud of manufacturing!!!!!
  12. I have a brand new 15x12 Minelab Commander Mono Coil with skid plate for sale or trade for a 8x6 NF Sadie Coil. If you have a NF 8x6 Sadie Coil, I am interested in a trade upon seeing pictures of your coil. If you would like to purchase it $175.00 plus shipping to you (United States Only). Please PM or email me at jrod1101@cox.net for any further information. I live in Goodyear, Arizona so postage would be from zip code 85395. Cross posted. Jimmy
  13. I have not had any issues and I think it looks great!!!!!! Thanks for your dedication and service to the forum, even though I am not very active I have learned a ton!!! Thank you, Jimmy