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  1. Forgot to quote, same question. Thank you
  2. Monday Gold

    Thick looking nuggets, what detector are you using?
  3. 2 for 2.5 grams

    Congratulations Tom, great looking gold.
  4. Pin Pointer Help

    I still use the black garret pinpointer, not waterproof like the carrot or others. When I had my GPX 5000, I kept the pinpointer in my backpack, otherwise the GPX would moan when I it got too close to the pinpointer, even when the pinpointer was off! Solution: Wrap the coil/detecting part of the pinpointer in aluminum foil and the GPX will not detect it. When you need to use the pinponter, simply remove the al foil and recover your target. Since al foil is rigid, you can reuse the same piece over and over. Trust me, it works. You can use a round pie pan for a more permanent holster. Here is a video from Woody demonstrating this. Brian.
  5. Great Nugget! Some people ignore those booming signals as they think its trash, but sometimes its not Brian.
  6. Anyone hear when the 19" Evolution Coil is due in the USA? Thanks, Brian.
  7. Just recently we were detecting (all experienced detectorist) in the grasslands of California, with two GPZ's, one had the stock 14" coil and the other had the 19" coil and two GPX's one had the 17x13 Evo and the other had the Minelab 12x15. Towards the end of the day, we decided to perform a test. We buried about a 9mm slug 14" deep. I went over the target with my GPZ, HY, Normal, Sen 15, Smoothing Off, and barely heard the target. Same settings with the 19" but much better results. Heard the target about three inches above the ground. Next, the GPX with the Evo coil in Sharp, General, don't remember the gain but a smooth threshold with the gold screamer, and no signal. The next detector is the one that is really giving me heart burn, the GPX with the 12x15 commander in Sensitive Extra, General, don't remember the gain but a smooth threshold with the stock battery. It gave an obvious signal about 5 inches above the ground. I could not believe how loud of a target response this GPX gave. After hearing the results from the GPX, I increased my Sensitiviy to 20, but there was too much ground noise to hear a target. I also tried different ground and gold modes with the GPZ, but nothing compared to that GPX. I wish we had more time to really investigate, but we were all tired, and the sun was setting fast. Is this just one of those scenarios that we must except and move on, or is there some credibility here??? Has anyone done similar tests? Still scratching my head, Brian.
  8. Great news! it was the coil of choice for me as well.
  9. biggest yet

    If the ground will allow it, try Sharp timing. Your machine will moan and groan over the hot ground and you will hear hot rocks, but the depth is amazing! Make sure you investigate every questionable target. Brian
  10. I'm posting this for anyone who may be on the fence like I was regarding a larger coil. Overall I’m very pleased with the 17x13 NF Evo coil. First trip out with the new coil was last Saturday. Went to an area where a lot of gold was recovered thinking I would find something deep. Well that wasn’t the case. I did find this little dink about two inches deep. What am I getting at? I was amazed this large coil would still pick up little pieces and a decent depth. This coil ran quiet, did not false when bumped and was still small enough to maneuver around the brush which is why I didn't go any larger. I was using 5000, Fine Gold, Gain 15, Normal Audio, Stabilizer 9
  11. Some pictures...

    Excellent finds and thanks for sharing.
  12. It only took 6 tries, but I finally found my first Nevada Gold. 3 nuggets with a total weight of 1.3dwt found near Rye Patch. Its still out there