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    Its fun to chase the bedrock, especially when your rewarded!

    Congratulations! How deep is it to bedrock? Brian.
  3. Hi Rob, any news on further updates for the GPZ or Minelab fixing the Xchange software so its compatible with our GPZ's? Thanks, Brian.
  4. Thank you Rob, I appreciate your comments.
  5. Great gold finds, Congratulations! Question: with hopes of finding deep gold, did you employ gold modes General or Extra Deep? I'm still a newbie with the 7000, but always like to hear from experienced prospectors. Brian.
  6. Great going fellas. Rob, i like your idea of the carabiner for holding the ferrite ring. I will have to try that. Brian
  7. Monday Gold

    Thick looking nuggets, what detector are you using?
  8. 2 for 2.5 grams

    Congratulations Tom, great looking gold.
  9. Pin Pointer Help

    I still use the black garret pinpointer, not waterproof like the carrot or others. When I had my GPX 5000, I kept the pinpointer in my backpack, otherwise the GPX would moan when I it got too close to the pinpointer, even when the pinpointer was off! Solution: Wrap the coil/detecting part of the pinpointer in aluminum foil and the GPX will not detect it. When you need to use the pinponter, simply remove the al foil and recover your target. Since al foil is rigid, you can reuse the same piece over and over. Trust me, it works. You can use a round pie pan for a more permanent holster. Here is a video from Woody demonstrating this. Brian.
  10. Great Nugget! Some people ignore those booming signals as they think its trash, but sometimes its not Brian.
  11. Anyone hear when the 19" Evolution Coil is due in the USA? Thanks, Brian.