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  1. 2 stealth cams for sale, $100.00 shipped, also I'll throw in two 32 gb cards for them. Only a month old, Bought at big 5 on sale they were $60.00 each. normally $70.00 each. Got them from the property owner next door, he bought them for me to watch his vacant property, Now not needed. Grubstake
  2. Bill's forum down?

    Yo, Ron, been down since 2:30 on my end. Maybe Maintance? Grubstake
  3. Jerry had a stroke and his Daughter-in law posted it on facebook, he is in the hospital. Payers for him everyone! Grubstake
  4. Rob, what comes with that detector> Marako? Gary

  5. GPX 5000, pocket rocket w/4 batteries, Charger, one stck battery Chargers 110 and car, 5 coils, 4 lower shafts, control box cover, Belongs to Pondnm {Jerry Pettis} He does not want to breakit up, has Koss headphones, $3500.00+150.00 for shipping. Send Jerry aPM ot call at 209-383-5344. Grubstake Very low hours on this unit, it was mine, then I got to sick to use it, Jerry bought it and used it only a few times, its a closet Queen, but out of warranty.
  6. I'm going to guess, 224 grams Grubstake
  7. I.ll get a better look, tomarrow, I've got so much Sh** laying around, and a lot from older minelabs. I'll let you know. But I;d send Doc a PM, if anyone in the world still has one it might be him! And me or course. I never throw anything away. so my wife says. Gary Hey Gary, I just found it. PM me your full name and Address, I can send it in a flat rate Priority box, on the end of the month, when I get payed. Gary/ Grubstake
  8. Either DOC, or ROB might have one laying around somewhere. I'm still looking for the one I had. If I find it, you can have it. Gary
  9. The power block replaces the dome, DOC sold them back a few years ago, contact him, maybe he has one laying around. Grubstake Heres a picture off his website. Its Item H
  10. Gary, if I can find it, I have a DOC'S power block, it has the headphone connection and the plug for the power cable, it will fit small por large, it has a two wire conection to go on top of any 6 volt battery. I'll see if I can locate it, if you want it you can have it. But I can't ship it until the first, my payday. Grubstake Sorry, Gary. I guess I can't find it. But will keep looking.
  11. When you get there get you an AUSSIE gal, if you don't get gold, you will have fun anyway. Grubstaqke
  12. Happy Veterans Day 2016

    Happy Veterans Day to all that served or are going too, Grubstake