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  1. First detector gold for me.

    Yes, I agree get the 6x3 coil and use it for most nugget hunting.
  2. Rye Patch Gold

    I know those are well earned nuggets if from the Rye Patch area, it takes some real hard work out there to come up with nuggets. Congratulations!
  3. Evo Coil and settings....

    I havn't found my settings to be much different with the Evo Coil than with my original equipment coils on my gpx4500. They tend to not work as well in wet ground so keep a few oe coils along for the ride.
  4. Very nice gold, thanks for posting.
  5. Personally if I could move to Nevada (wife doesn't like the desert) I would choose Fernley, its situated close enough to Sparks and big city stuff, yet its close to the gold fields above Lovelock, weather wintertime is a bit better in Fernley than Lovelock to Winemucca, brrrrr. -10 below sometime winters.
  6. I am real happy with the deal on the gpx4500, it was just as described by Rob mint as new condition, Busy now tailoring sub settings on the three different modes to my hunt areas, will fine tune once on the sites.
  7. Verizon rules here in Calif as well, and I have no trouble with Verizon in Nevada at Rye Patch, Eugenes, etc.
  8. Just recently found a 1/2 gram nugget with the new coiltek elite 14" mono, using my 4000 gpx, depth about 4" in red soil. This coil misses very little.
  9. What is the price on the new Coiltek 11" mono Elite? When will you get them in stock?
  10. Commander 11" mono Coil at 125.00 minty, Minty Commander 12x15 Mono Coil 150.00, Call Darrell (530) 518-8397 Paradise California. Buy both coils and get the package deal of 190.00 !!
  11. Results Of Nugget Detector Survey

    I was surprised no one is nugget hunting with a MXT in this survey. Just for kicks last trip this summer to Rye Patch I took my MXT Pro along and did a couple hrs testing with it, runs very well in that soil, and detected 2 grain nugget to over 2" buried no problem in relic mode. I was running a 4.5DD Detech coil. I find it hard to tear myself away from the Gold Bug 2 when hunting grain size gold as its been very successful for me. But it looks very workable with the MXT and the right coils.
  12. Chuck, put my name in too please, Dave Cox
  13. I like the new Coiltek Elite Mono 14" coil, fantastic depth on gram size nuggets, sensitive to small grain size gold also, much sharper signal response than most coils on fringe targets. Only drawback is its a heavy coil, so be prepared and try to stick with flat ground detecting as steep hillsides are a killer with this coil. I cannot wait to get back to Nevada in the next couple weeks to give it a go again. Incliment weather ran us out in June on our third day out, had to postpone a second trip the first of July due to thunderstorms, now its looking like last week of July or first week in August is a go. We did some indepth testing of this coil in June in camp with a 1.3 gram nugget in ground with a 4000, a 5000, and a 3500, we were able to get a repeatable decent signal on that nugget at 13" in Nevada soil with my 4000 running a standard gpx battery. No gold yet but I fully expect to find some next trip. there are plenty of positive reviews on this new coil on the aussie sites since they have had it on the ground longer than we have here. Its not coming off my Gpx any time soon.