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  1. old school beck bellows dry washer... it could use some tlc but it does work,,$150
  2. nice xt 18000 in great shape..$275 pics to come send a pm if interested
  3. nice keene trailer mounted mill...2 stage...jaw/roller crusher...takes 4x6 rock and crushes to powder...low hours...jaws and rollers are in great shape..5K send a pm and i'll send some pics
  4. azdave35

    Debate on the Classifieds

    exactly reg....i never said it was upgraded to a 3000 ...i just said it was upgraded....some know it all jumped in and started antagonizing me...thats the problem with the gold forums now...too many little indians and not enough chiefs...most of the old timers that really know what they are talking about dont want to post any information anymore because some idiot pisses them off..i have been prospecting for about 27 years and could teach some of these know it alls something if they'd keep their ears open and their big mouths shut....but i havent posted for quite a while and wont again...let them learn to prospect the hard way
  5. azdave35

    Debate on the Classifieds

    rob...he didnt just ask a question..he called me a liar...and like i told him before the post's got deleted...he has made an enemy.....i dont want to deal with any more idiots over this...please do me a favor and delete my ad
  6. azdave35

    Debate on the Classifieds

    hi rob...i sent you a pm with an apology for the trouble on the classified forum...i tried to delete the ad but couldnt do me a favor and delete it for me....that will be the last item i put up for sale on this forum
  7. azdave35

    New Whites PI

    a friend of mine has a garrett infinium..he brought it over one day and i played with it for a while in my front yard right under a main power line and had no problem with ran smooth as silk
  8. azdave35

    Vacuuming fine gold

    a good friend of mine invented the E-Z is an excellent machine if you use it for what it was intended for...he still sells them and lives right here in chandler..if you'd like more info on it send me a private message
  9. azdave35


    better duck...they dont think much of dowsing around
  10. azdave35

    Marijuana in National parks

    maybe one day they will have an open season on wetbacks
  11. azdave35

    Mining Software

    how does this compare with the free version using google earth?
  12. carl fischer was a prominent prospector in the 1970's..he used to write in alot of the treasure could probably contact some of the treasure mags and see if they have any contact info for him..he may still be the late 70's or early 80's he and 2 of his partners hit a big payday somewhere near yuma..north of yuma if i recall...they pulled 760 oz's out of a small tributary wash
  13. azdave35

    Just venting ;-(

    sorry to hear about that big ed..more than likely illegal aliens are responsible