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  1. Gpz and wet ground

    if the ground is salt type minerals you will hear the moan...then you will groan
  2. Gpz 19

    Doc's good bungy, Chris Porters hipstick, and swing-arm allows this weaker bay the allowed me to use the 19 for about seven hours a few days ago. I think it is easier to isolate the target, both to center the target and to find it in scoop. good job! fred
  3. Hi Rob and support staff ( Dawn ?) I received the coil cover today....thank you for the fast and efficient service! fred
  4. I don't have any personal or current info. However, you may remember the 12 oz nugget found by Bob Woodward...I think that was his name... Anyway those placers are ( I think) part of some branches of old river channel that have been worked for many miles and in many places from Randsburg onward...Jim Straight writes about them in one of his books. One of those places I always meant to go see and have not fred
  5. Mother's Day find

    nice! If the coin is a clue, I would say British Columbia... fred
  6. 17x13 Evo ..

    Jen; there is something very wrong...I run right under the Helicopters-no major and few minor problems. I run around Yuma with jets and radar and giant cargo planes and helcopters...no problems.... Did you avail yourself of the training that may have come with the zed? You need to get with some other zed-ers and compare notes.... Do a factory reset....first thing. fred
  7. Clay, I would do exactly the same thing. I love reptiles and especially snakes of any kind...but, protecting the home is paramount. Out in the wild is a different story. Like you say walk around, walk away. fred
  8. not dead...he just wanted to be left in peace...Nice picture! fred
  9. wow, resurrected after all that time... Good luck and enjoy the trip. Remember, never pass up a big/loud signal nor the faintest of consistent ground noises... In other words check every repeatable signal and dig everything! fred
  10. AU detecting trips

    I think Mark does a great job. However, he does not do all-inclusive anymore. If you were to team up with some to share the rental of vehicle you go work it out. The cost is very expensive, not to mention the logistics. You have to be on his list and ready to send money to get on his tours...too late for this year. fred
  11. AU detecting trips

    look in the commercial services offered http://golddetecting.4umer.net/f1-general-discussion and these people offer a 10 day all-inclusive...all inclusives are rare as nuggets these days gold2r.com.au fred
  12. You have to ask and say please, Franky... I hope all is well... fred
  13. That could be slander except it is true...was and always will be a scummy drywaller in heart and mind! fred
  14. If I may add to my comments: a sign-up is good but...often people commit, "steaks" are bought, then many don't show...and some will show empty handed...you won't know until the moment arrives. The WSPA has a Gold Basin Outing March 24,25,26. However, it has a small membership. best wishes, Rob fred mason