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  1. Yeah, if you love driving goat-trails and switchback roads go to Happy Camp or that area...other than that it is pretty nice... oh, it gets very hot in the summer up that way... fred
  2. first check your settings and be sure you did not change them... no way to know for sure but I think the small coil would find any of them...were you in pseudo-mono or DD? fred
  3. Nice gold, Rob. I hate to mention this but you are getting older...something I scoffed at when I was thirty or forty...time gets us all sooner or later. Just accept your fate and hook up the bungy and maybe a hip stick and use the swing arm.... Prospect smart not hard.... fred
  4. fredm

    Going nuts

    When I went to Moore Creek many of the guys had handguns or shotguns....I didn't bother because I figured apick would work as well and it would be in hand. I think a partner would be helpful...however, if you are really paying attention to the detector I doubt you would notice or know that big Griz was about to attack... Take a solar charger for your 5000 or the spares you mentioned...maybe 12 hours on the stock Minelab battery...maybe 8 on other types... Don't take smelly sardines for lunch... fred
  5. Next time I go I will get some pics...I carry the coil cover (Tesoro or fisher 12") in my side cargo pocket. The edges are in effect the same as the 90 degree in the bottom of garret pans... when I get a target in the pan I give it a shake, then I grab a handful and test the dirt in the pan, if there I set (not Throw) the stuff in my hand aside, then I give the coil cover a good shake and pour the floating dirt in my hand...repeat as needed...if the gold is bigger you will see it in the coil cover and if tiny you will have to continue with the some point use the magnet on your pick to snag any iron...always recheck the dirt in and out of the pan...and the hole you dug.... way easier to show than write... fred
  6. Lipca; I use a coil cover for a scoop...I like it better than those big spoons that is in his picture. Basically, I dry pan the target. If it in the pan it usually stays will almost always be in the bottom. The coil cover is great for scooping out dirt when you are digging a big, deep hole.
  7. Well a pinpointer will really lessen your ground coverage....joking! Yes a smaller coil reduces coverage but not much depth is didn't get a gb2 for speed sweeping the hillsides...or you shouldn't have.... On the other hand; if you are going to coin-shoot with a gb2, especially in maintained areas you may need a pinpointer... back to the don't need a smaller coil, it is just better for what the gb2 does best; That is find gold in shallow places.... I don't have the energy to write everything you need to the back pages of this forum, get some books...Rob has them-Jim Straight and Chris Ralph ( Chris is a more modern prospecting book.), practice and persevere...the hard part is over. I wear no metal on my hands or wrists and btw the coil will will detect the salt in your a sorter form Rob...or use a coil cover like I do... Rob if my posts are out of line please delete them
  8. why would you need a pinpointer with a GB2? It is easy to pinpoint with one...or get the six inch coil for even smaller gold... fred
  9. thanks, Rod...good info on the coil cover... fred
  10. Thanks, Jen; I love watching any Outback Oz films...I get a special thrill when I see places I have been...I love Oz! fred
  11. fredm

    Gpz and wet ground

    if the ground is salt type minerals you will hear the moan...then you will groan
  12. fredm

    Gpz 19

    Doc's good bungy, Chris Porters hipstick, and swing-arm allows this weaker bay the allowed me to use the 19 for about seven hours a few days ago. I think it is easier to isolate the target, both to center the target and to find it in scoop. good job! fred
  13. Hi Rob and support staff ( Dawn ?) I received the coil cover today....thank you for the fast and efficient service! fred
  14. I don't have any personal or current info. However, you may remember the 12 oz nugget found by Bob Woodward...I think that was his name... Anyway those placers are ( I think) part of some branches of old river channel that have been worked for many miles and in many places from Randsburg onward...Jim Straight writes about them in one of his books. One of those places I always meant to go see and have not fred