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  1. I didn't look forward to it also Rob, but then when you figure the alternative you go for it. When you are offered a few more years with your family it's something you must do for them. Tell him we geezers are sticking together and praying for him. Old Tom
  2. Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    You bet We will ask the Lord to be merciful towards your father. Five and a half years ago Prayers were asked in my case and He saw fit to help this old guy out. The Lord will extend his blessings on a man that raised a good son like you I'm sure. Take good care of your mom at this time. Old Tom
  3. Finally a good day!

    Justin, that coin has got to be worth more than one dollar. I'll give you two dollars for it. Old Tom
  4. Welcome aboard Bro. Jump in the water is fine, we welcome your input. Old Tom
  5. Finally a good day!

    Good day Justin, and no snakes. Old Tom
  6. 16 to 1 wash

    Yeah, a good time with good friends. You should definitely go back and try to find your box and nugget. If not give me the coordinates and I'll find it for you. Old Tom
  7. A blessed and merry Christmas to every one on the forum. Old Tom
  8. Mighty fine nuggies, I see a couple of pendent nugs in there. Old Tom
  9. Hey, this ain't no fun. Whatsamattayou Jen? Old Tom
  10. Oh, oh, I guess I'm next. Old Tom
  11. Justin, don't click on anything like that. If it were any good Rob would have cleaned me out a long time ago. Old Tom
  12. Monster gold!

    Young Tom is the skinny one, My hat is much more conservative than his in the picture. We went back there and got three more little ones from bedrock, it's a fun little wash. Old Tom
  13. Gpz 19 dinks

    Great work Justin, was that thing just laying there in the moon light? If so then it's not considered a sunbaker. Old Tom
  14. 3 grams

    You can buy some more hammers and nails now. You did a little better than us today. Old Tom