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  1. Rob, putting your mother-in-law on our prayer list along with your father who has been there. Take comfort in the Lord that His will may be done. Old Tom
  2. It's all according to just how old those walls are. Is the side walled area where the wash flattened out and slowed down? If they were before folks took vacuums out I would go to the side wall stack and get to bed rock, clean out the cracks and suck them out with a vacuum. See just what you got and go from there. Like Adam said that area has to be scouted much more than you have. Old Tom
  3. Next step is 'Pain Pills'. I know that some will say 'Never', but just wait around till you're over eighty. I take mild doses and get along pretty good at 84. Can't take those long hikes anymore but there is enough land to go over close in. You would be surprised just what folks miss nearby. Old Tom
  4. Might have trouble getting that thing off your belt to use it. A magnetic rake would be a simpler remedy. Old Tom
  5. When I had my bypass my son Tom took two 4x4 pieces and jacked up my lounge chair. Boy was that a God send, that and my heart shaped cough pillow. Made life a lot easier for me to deal with. I too didn't take any pain meds, didn't need them. Reassure your father Rob that he will pull through this as God is with him. Old Tom
  6. Same thing here with my five way. The doc handled it a little different though. He fooled around for a while and said that he was just about finished. He yanked the tubes and I heard a audible sloshing sound and the tubes were out. No pain but I remember saying to him that "You blindsided me didn't you." He laughed all the way out of the room. Felt great but the worse part for me was forcing myself to get up an walk around the hospital corridors. A little more each day pulling the IV tubes on wheels, sweating like a hog. Something everyone should go through at least once. Old Tom
  7. Old Tom

    How about a BBQ and outing

    Tell it like it is Tommy. We were going but when it was cancelled we invited a few others to enjoy LSD and then couldn't change that one at the last minute. See you next year youngster. Old Tom
  8. I didn't look forward to it also Rob, but then when you figure the alternative you go for it. When you are offered a few more years with your family it's something you must do for them. Tell him we geezers are sticking together and praying for him. Old Tom
  9. Old Tom

    Prayers Needed - Off Topic

    You bet We will ask the Lord to be merciful towards your father. Five and a half years ago Prayers were asked in my case and He saw fit to help this old guy out. The Lord will extend his blessings on a man that raised a good son like you I'm sure. Take good care of your mom at this time. Old Tom
  10. Old Tom

    Finally a good day!

    Justin, that coin has got to be worth more than one dollar. I'll give you two dollars for it. Old Tom
  11. Welcome aboard Bro. Jump in the water is fine, we welcome your input. Old Tom
  12. Old Tom

    Finally a good day!

    Good day Justin, and no snakes. Old Tom
  13. Old Tom

    16 to 1 wash

    Yeah, a good time with good friends. You should definitely go back and try to find your box and nugget. If not give me the coordinates and I'll find it for you. Old Tom