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  1. Doug. Did you miss the bit about Toyota building a 1.5 billion oil pipeline in Sudan? I suppose that is to supply the vehicles that the UN uses and sponsors! must be a lot of Toyotas in Sudan. Google Toyota Tsusho Corp. for details.
  2. How long for the 1st nugget?

    Gooday Mountain Momma-All Coupla years ago I met an older couple at the Tarnagulla caravan park (Golden Triangle, Aust) They had all the goodies, latest machines, nice motor home , they spent their time travelling OZ, detecting-prospecting....They had not found a nug in NINE years! Most important thing was......They didn't care. Their approach was "When we walk over it we'll find it" Thats dedication or the sense of old age. Cheers Hotrocks
  3. Hey Dawnie

    Thanks Flac..You sure got that right' Hotrocks
  4. Qld Sandy, I couldn't have said it better, thanks for a great post. Hotrocks