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    Whites DFX, GMT, Coinmaster Pro. Flyfishing, predator calling, prospecting, gem faceting. Also enjoy machining & equipment design.
  1. Idaho Jim

    Rattlesnakes are out, be careful

    Hey you southern guys. I'm surprised the snakes show up so late. I was down in southern Nevada this winter, and figured once it hit 60 in the afternoon I couldn't let the dog run around loose. In your experience down there, when is the earliest you usually start seeing rattlers? I don't worry about myself so much, but would hate to have Heidi bitten. Our rattlers up here in southern Idaho are tame compared to the western diamondbacks down there. Jim
  2. Idaho Jim

    coil crossover question

    Hey Chuck, I appreciate the info. I've heard good things about the Sadie on the SL, which is what I want it for. It's good to hear confirmation of those opinions. Jim
  3. Idaho Jim

    coil crossover question

    Thanks, Rob, Sent you a message through the store. Jim
  4. I'm thinking 470 grams Jim
  5. Idaho Jim

    coil crossover question

    Many thanks! I didn't word my question very well. I knew I could run them, but was concerned about the plug matchup. I'm thinking of an 8 x 6 Sadie mono coil. I wasn't sure I could find one made for the TDI series, but if I did find one made for MineLab, on the used market, I wanted to be sure it was just plug and play. The physical connection differences I can easily handle. Jim
  6. Will coils made for MineLab plug directly into a White's TDI series detector? I know the mounting dimensions are a bit different. Jim
  7. My buddy and I bought this dry washer back in the late '70's. It actually got used about 3 hours before we figured out that Idaho wasn't anywhere near dry enough to use one. It's actually been sitting in my shop for 35 years, thereabouts. I'm tired of it getting in my way. I'm heading to southern Nevada for some gem prospecting right after the first of the year. I can't sell this around here, so thought I'd see if there's any interest in the desert country. I got it out, cleaned it, changed the oil, and put new gas in, and it fired up after a dozen pulls. Runs fine. This thing is just like new. I'm thinking $650 would be a fair price. Briggs and Stratton engine, aluminum blower housing. Top grizzly screen is 10" x 22", Riffles are 9 1/2" x 26". The hose was really brittle, so it needs a new one. I can meet the buyer in Boulder, or Searchlight, or anywhere between southern Idaho and there. I plan on driving to Twin Falls, and then south through Ely, Alamo, (I could detour to Pioche/Caliente) and Overton to avoid the mess in Salt Lake, and Las Vegas. Jim
  8. See this for background: And this for the coin: Jim
  9. Count me in....3 days of it....this time. Just add that to all my other days...LOL Had to drink some beer and tomato juice to get the smell off. Jim
  10. Boy, are tearing them up lately. Looking forward to the videos. Jim
  11. Idaho Jim

    More "Turkish" Gold

    Nice nugget, Frank, but I'm most impressed with the intense color of that quartz. I've never seen that vivid green before your posts. I wouldn't mind faceting a piece of that. Jim
  12. Nice, Rob. Seeing your finds keeps me motivated up here in the cold country. Jim
  13. It's on-and-off rain here...which we really need, so I won't be getting out until Tuesday at the earliest. Hope you guys and gals find a ton of nuggets. Jim
  14. Idaho Jim

    Screeming yellow zonker

    All I can say is WOW! Jim