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  1. Gold Spear for $800.00 OBO shipped to lower 48 states. If to other locations add the computed shipping cost minus $30.00. Included is the following: GS SN# 1483 Stereo Headphones Probe 4' Probe Extension 4' PVC Shipping Tube for the probe and extension. Please Note the short probe in the pic is NOT included Just the 4' Standard probe. I have 3 of these and don't need but 1 to use and one for a backup. I have found 6 pockets with these and will give the buyer tips and instructions on how I use it to find pockets.
  2. Discovery Electronics TF900 Pipe Trace Unit. $400.00 1. Special 73.5 khz Search Coil, that is attached to a TF900 Detector. 2. Control Box ie. Transmitter with color coded leads + Red - Black with Clips and a set of Instructions. This Sale DOES NOT include the "TF900 Detector", this sale ONLY Includes the "Pipe Trace Unit". The literature says the unit has a Depth range of 6'-10'and a trace distance from the Signal Injection Point of 200' to 300'. In my experience you would NEED a GOOD set of Head Phones to achieve the distances. I have used the unit in 2000 to trace 1 mile of 4" to 3" to 2.25" STEEL from 2' to 6'Deep. I was able to use the instructions to preform Depth measurements and they were accurate to within 95% of indicated values. pm me at wva063 at gmail dot com.