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  1. After careful consideration here's the plan.......... replace the bottom bearing with the same four-way as the top. Plug the top of the axle near the coupling, plug both sides of the lower four-way so water doesn't leak. Use a PVC reducer with a regular hose bib on the outer four-way................ no need for swivel fitting and it has water flow control to boot! Drill adequate holes in axle for water spray towards top of the trommel and add spray shield of 1/2 cut length of 2 1/2" PVC tubing suspended over the hopper part of the axle. Those picky about water drip can implement an O-ring to the bottom axle/bearing connection. Add your sluice and recirculator. Waaaaaallllllla! You have the shoestring budget highbanker/recirculating sluice. What fun!
  2. I think that will work! It would need a valve to control water flow so that when the axle rotates it doesn't spray out the top of the trommel's screen or the hopper. Great idea ........ post a pic when you get it running. Cheers, Mike
  3. Now that's funny! If it could only fetch gold and cold beer! Mike
  4. Mike's Trommel Here you'll find directions to build an inexpensive, compact, and light weight hand trommel. It is designed to classify quantity material for your dry washer, high banker, sluice, pan, or garden, and can also be used as a composter or worm harvester. The cost of construction is around $50. http://mlaine.homeip.net/Trom