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  1. I'm thinking I would do better in Montana over the Southwestern border than in Wyoming sluicing/panning MDing . Anyone familiar with the state have some tips on where to look? Thanks
  2. Going to Yellowstone in 2 weeks from Ca. and would like to dip a pan/sluice or swing a coil somewhere on the trip. People tell me to forget the MD and hope for small gold panning or sluicing. Any thoughts advice? Thanks
  3. UPDATE, heard from Author that this tale is true and at least 3 catches have been recovered. I would like to pursue this further and would ask people familiar with the area how "approachable" landowners are in general in that area? Are they friendly, welcoming or are they not? I would like to detect the area if they would be willing to share in the finds. Any thoughts, advice from people in the area would be much appreciated.
  4. Anyone familiar with N. Carolina railway "right of way" between McLeansville and and Burlington? Is this 16 mile stretch all private fenced land or open? Anyone know how far out the right of way extends? In book pg. 133 you will read about Confederate coins buried "no more than 100 yards out" from railway in groups of three. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. New member here seeking advice. I'm a diver and was looking at the Surf PI Dual Field by Whites as I wanted something for diving and also for beach/ gold nugget hunting. I am concerned that this unit could/would drive me crazy! I had a Whites 30 years ago and the, whats the term, "non-discrimination" aspect of it had me digging everything. Is there a waterproof(to 100 ft.) unit by anyone that also discriminates really well so that when you use it on land you can avoid a lot of junk? Going to Lytle Creek this coming weekend to pan a little, hike etc. Any tips on areas of THAT area to collect/classify and pan(until I purchase a detector)? Been out of the "SPORT" for a long time and looking for an "all around" detector although I realize that there are detectors made specifically for nuggets, relics, etc. Thanks